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Thursday, November 14 2019

People want to make their house larger for many reasons— a growing family, more room for entertaining, or simply needing more living space in your home are all common goals of those looking to increase the size of their dwelling. There are different ways to increase the square footage of your home and create a larger living space. This guide will cover the obvious ways of expanding your home and the more creative ways you might not have thought of.


Room Additions

One way to make your house bigger is by adding on a new room or expanding existing ones. You can add on an entirely new master suite or gain some space by expanding the kitchen and living spaces. Additions are the most obvious way to make your home larger, but what do you do if you don’t have anywhere to expand your floorplan?

Second Story

Another way to make your home bigger is by adding on a second story. You can gain valuable square footage adding a master suite onto the second floor and creating a second living space upstairs. This method isn’t always possible, practical, or cost effective.

Transform a Garage or Basement

If you’re looking for a faster, more affordable fix, you might consider transforming your garage or basement into a bonus living space. Turn the garage or basement into a kid’s playroom, media room, or guest quarters. This could be right for you if you lack extra space to expand outward or upward.

Install a Large Door System

A creative way to make your home feel bigger is by expanding it to the outdoors with large door systems. You can use a large accordion glass door to connect your home to the outside and create a luxury outdoor living experience. With a seamless transition from inside to out, your home will both feel and appear larger and have more space for entertaining. You might also consider pocketing sliding doors that disappear into the wall and erase the boundaries between your indoor living space and your outdoor entertainment area and creating one cohesive indoor/outdoor living space. Learn more about expanding your living space with accordion glass doors.

Convert a Shed

If adding on to your home is not an option, but you have space for a small shed on your property, you may want to consider investing in a manufactured storage shed and converting it into your bonus space—this space can become your art studio, playroom, media space, and more!

Reconfigure Your Floorplan

When you absolutely lack the space to expand your home in any direction, remodeling your home and reconfiguring your floorplan is a great option. Even though you can’t add square footage to the house, you can utilize every inch of your space and make it function and feel like a bigger home.

You can use one of these methods or combine a few to achieve your dreams of a bigger home. Whichever route you take, be sure to consult with an expert about your project—talk to contractors, architects, and large door system experts to plan and execute your project and ensure it is done properly and meets building code requirements. Read this article for advice and tips on hiring a trustworthy contractor.

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