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Tuesday, September 10 2019

Doors are the gateway to your home, literally and figuratively. That’s why choosing and understanding which large glass door systems you need can truly create the perfect indoor-outdoor lifestyle you desire. Now finding patio doors for your home can seem like an easy and simple task, but when you start looking at the different options available, it can be overwhelming. Here is a simple break down to help guide you to your perfect patio door.

There are four popular styles: Bi-Folds, Multi-slides, French Doors, and Lift and Slides.


The most popular large glass door system is the Bi-fold. Bi-fold doors can eliminate entire walls in your home and bur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Bi-folds offer a unique design in which door panels fold up accordion-style on one or both sides of the opening, connecting each space. With almost unlimited folding door configurations available, you can find the perfect Bi-fold door for your space.


Multi-slide glass doors are another great option if you are looking to expand your living space to the outdoors. The Multi-slide operates like any sliding glass door: the panels slide open smoothly and stack at either side of the opening. If you want the door panels to completely disappear, pocketing Multi-slides are an option. A pocketing Multi-slide system will stack neatly inside the wall and leave behind a wide-open space. Keep in mind that pocketing doors require a wider jamb, and space inside the wall to stack all sliding door panels.

French Swings

If you love the idea of updating your patio door but lack the space for a larger glass door system, then French Doors are a tasteful alternative. French doors are the essence of class and elegance with a classic European design. French Doors can swing-in or swing-out, so you are guaranteed to find the proper door that will compliment your space. Installing French doors in your home is one of the best ways to create a light-filled, indoor-outdoor living space.

Lift and Slides

No, you don’t have to actually lift the door in order to slide it (although that would be impressive to show off to your guests). The Lift and Slide has a small lever that needs to be turned and with a slight nudge, the doors will smoothly roll away. Like the Multi-slide, the Lift and Slide has a guided track for the doors to slide and stack open. Lift and slides also have pocketing or non-pocketing options, depending on your design needs.


Now that you have a better explanation of the most popular large glass door system styles, you can begin to do more research about the doors you are interested in and talk to your architect or contractor for guidance. You may also visit your local door and window dealer to learn more about product features and view displays. Click here to find an AG millworks certified door and window dealer near you.

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Thursday, September 05 2019

Hurricane Dorian struck the northern Bahamas on Saturday, August 31st, and left damage and devastation behind. As a Category 5 hurricane, wind speeds reached more than 157 mph which, combined with torrential downpours and flooding, caused maximum destruction. According to The New York Times, Dorian has “likely destroyed more than 10,000 homes and wiped out much of the infrastructure.”

According to U.N. officials, “more than 60,000 people on the hard-hit islands will need food” (Orlando Sentinel). If you want to support the Bahamas as they deal with the aftermath of this natural disaster, consider donating or volunteering for the cause. There are many organizations who are working to provide emergency aid and supplies to the Bahamas.

Red Cross

You can donate to the Bahamas Red Cross to help provide shelter, food, water, clothing, blankets, and other resources. The Red Cross currently has 200 volunteers in the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama, with more relief to come.

HeadKnowles Foundation

Headknowles is an organization that raised funds and provided volunteers for both Hurricane Joaquin and Hurricane Matthew. The foundation is accepting monetary donations for Hurricane Dorian relief, as well as emergency supplies. If you are in Florida, there are two donation drop off locations where you can donate items such as generators, tarps, chainsaws, portable stoves, butane canisters, air mattresses, liquid baby formula, diapers, wet wipes, toiletries, and more.

Drop-off Locations

  • Florida Paints | 3521 All American Blvd, Orlando, FL 32810
  • Headknowles Foundation C/o Tropix Express | 5610 NW 12th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Global Giving

Global Giving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country. All donations will support relief and recovery efforts in areas impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

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Tuesday, September 03 2019

Maintaining an energy efficient home should be a priority to all homeowners despite legal requirements. An energy efficient home will help reduce your carbon footprint and can also save you money in the long run. When planning a new home build or remodel project, it is important to consider the energy efficiency of your new doors and windows.

If you are including a large folding glass door in your home design, you might be wondering if the door system will be energy efficient and meet new energy requirements. The good news is, choosing the right folding glass door for your space doesn’t mean you have to give up on energy efficiency—the large folding glass doors you want to use to create an indoor-outdoor living space can be energy efficient and meet California’s Title 24 requirements, all while creating a large opening to the outdoors.

Not ALL Large Folding Glass Doors are Energy Efficient

When selecting a large folding glass door for your project, you need to pay special attention to the product specifications. Be sure to only choose a folding glass door manufacturer who can guarantee a Title 24 Prescriptive Compliant door system with low energy ratings. To meet California’s Title 24 requirements for 2020, your large folding glass door will need a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .23 and a U-Factor of .30. Though energy ratings can be confusing, your window and door dealer will be able to answer any questions you have and help you choose an energy efficient folding glass door for your remodel project.

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Folding Glass Door

Sticking to an energy efficient folding glass door is in your best interest. If your door system has excellent energy ratings, it can keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and save you money on cooling and heating bills. An indoor-outdoor living space created by large folding glass doors that are energy efficient can increase the value of your home as it is a highly desirable feature among homebuyers today.

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Tuesday, August 27 2019

Have you recently discovered a leak under the sink that has gone unnoticed for too long, resulting in damage to the surrounding cabinetry and dry wall? Or maybe you recently became aware of another complication that has ruined your flooring or warped your patio doors. Owning a home is hard work, and it comes with the responsibility of maintaining the house and yard and fixing or replacing things that break. When unforeseen events like leaks occur, you might feel overwhelmed and frustrated that you have to partially re-do your bathroom or kitchen, however you can turn this into a good thing—this is a great opportunity to expand the remodel and create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Treat Your Space to New Flooring

If updated flooring has been on your list for a long time, this might be the best time to do it. Go to your local flooring shop or home building store to look at flooring types and materials and get a price estimate. If new flooring is within your budget, don’t waste any more time—order the flooring you love and get the job done!

Revive Your Kitchen Cabinets or Bathroom Vanity

If there was damage in your kitchen, consider tackling your kitchen cabinets during this remodel. You can revive your cabinets by painting or resurfacing them and updating the hardware. If you want to splurge, consider installing brand new cabinets and countertops!

Replace the French Doors Leading to Your Outdoor Space

Since you’ll already be remodeling and making a mess, now is the perfect time to create the indoor-outdoor lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Replace your French door or sliding door and create a large opening to your outdoor space using accordion glass doors. To learn more about using accordion glass doors to create an indoor-outdoor room, contact our patio door experts.

Give the Room a Fresh Coat of Paint

Updating a room can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint in a new color. Look to for inspiration on paint colors, and choose a warm, soothing color for your space! You might also consider fun wallpaper instead of paint, or updating the crown molding while you’re at it.

Update the Light Fixtures

Another easy and affordable upgrade is replacing your light fixtures. Invest in some new pendant lights for your kitchen island or update the vanity lighting in your bathroom.

If a larger remodel just isn’t possible at this time, don’t get discouraged. If upgrading your home is important to you, you can prioritize it and start saving money to budget for remodel expenses. Work on one room at a time and save money by doing simple projects, like painting, yourself.

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Thursday, August 22 2019

August is quickly wrapping up, children are going back to school, and vacationers are heading home. With about a month left until it’s officially fall (September 23rd), summer is just about over, making it the perfect time to start your home remodel project and accordion glass door installation. Late summer and early fall are great times for building projects because the weather is still nice, and rainstorms are unlikely. Now that you’re ready to begin your remodel project and create an indoor-outdoor living space with accordion glass doors, here are some helpful tips for getting started and finding the best door for your project.

Research the Design and Feature Options of Your Accordion Glass Door

Finding the right accordion glass door for your home can be difficult. With so many manufacturers offering their own version of an accordion glass door system, understanding which brand provides the highest quality and best experience is important. Along with deciding which brand to choose, you must choose the customizable options of your accordion glass door design. Important options to consider are clad color, interior wood species, interior paint or stain finishes, divided lite configurations, accordion glass door configurations, and hardware style and finish. While all these options can seem overwhelming, our patio door experts are here to help. Contact our patio door experts to discuss your accordion glass door project, ask questions, and learn more about product capabilities, features, and benefits.

Don't Pick an Accordion Glass Door Configuration without a Daily Door

Though there are many things NOT to do when investing in a large accordion glass door, one mistake stands out: choosing a configuration without a daily door. It is important to choose a door configuration that will have a manual door, or “daily door,” that provides easy access to your outdoor space. Accordion glass door systems with odd configurations (3L, 5R, 1L3R) in at least one direction have daily doors that can be opened without unlatching and opening the entire accordion door system. You must choose a configuration with a daily door If you plan to access your home from the exterior of your large accordion glass door. If you choose an even door configuration (such as 4L or 2L2R) you will have to open the entire door system to access your outdoor space and you will not have exterior access if the doors get closed and you’re outside. Click here to learn more about common mistakes to avoid when choosing a large accordion glass door.

Ensure Fast and Easy Accordion Glass Door Installation for Your Contractor

Accordion glass doors require a professional installer to ensure perfect installation. Choosing a door system that will make your contractor’s or installer’s lives a little easier can save you time and money during install. AG Millworks is the only accordion glass door manufacturer who delivers fully assembled door frames to your jobsite, eliminating multiple steps in the installation process. Your optional retractable accordion screen is fully integrated into the door jamb by expert installers in the factory, eliminating the need for onsite screen installation. With pre-built frames and factory installed screens, your contractor or installer will be able to install your accordion glass door in record time.

Find a Sash and Door Dealer to See a Display and Place Your Order

When you have a good idea of the accordion glass door design you want, you can visit a sash and door dealer to view a display and test it out. Your sash and door expert can also answer any questions, provide you a price quote for your accordion glass door, and place your order. To find an AG Millworks Accordion Glass Door Dealer near you, contact our patio door experts to be matched with a certified dealer. You may also call us directly at 805-644-4494.

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Tuesday, August 20 2019

Since its founding in 1986, AG Millworks has been privately owned, skillfully managed, and independently operated. The company wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of our dedicated and trusted local customers. Located in Ventura, California, AG Millworks has provided incredible craftsmanship to communities across California for over thirty years.

Shopping locally supports and boosts our local economy. When you spend $100 at your local business, $68 stays in your community. This strengthens the local economy and allows businesses to create more jobs and provide better wages and benefits for workers in the community. By shopping at small, local businesses, you aren’t paying for a CEO to buy a third vacation home, you’re supporting families in your community. Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors! They care about and are invested in the growth and well-being of the community.


Most small businesses are family-owned, and AG Millworks is no different. However, many businesses have trouble competing with big brand corporations, and end up going out of business or being acquired. Mergers and acquisitions take away a small company’s authenticity, voice, and humanity. Since the beginning, AG Millworks has undergone tremendous growth, but it remains a small, privately owned company with less than 50 employees. Throughout the years and many changes in the fenestration industry, AG Millworks has maintained its core values of family and community.


Shopping locally usually ensures you are purchasing a better-quality product. Many manufacturers and big corporations have large automated assembly lines to mass produce their products. Mass production leaves more room for error and can lack quality control. AG Millworks believes in product quality versus product quantity, which is why each door system is handcrafted, custom made, and hung and swung in the factory guarantee a perfect fit and finish. Unlike big corporations, AG Millworkshas the ability and understanding to provide a luxurious door system to complete your home design goals. Doors are fully customizable and are made to meet your specific needs and your specific vision. No door project is too big or too small, AG Millworks builds it all!


Small businesses are known to provide outstanding customer service. Big businesses now have automated messages that guide you through their listings and generalize your questions and concerns, but small businesses continue to provide a personalized experience with a real person on the other end of the line. AG Millworks has a team of helpful, knowledgeable patio door experts who can guide you through the confusing world of folding, sliding, and French swing door systems and connect you to a Certified AG Millworks Dealer near you.


At the end of the day, AG Millworks isn’t run by boards, stockholders or algorithms—it’s run by real people, and that truly makes all the difference. So check out more of your local businesses, attend and promote their sales and events, and choose them over the big corporations like Amazon.

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