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Tuesday, August 07 2018


The doors and windows in your home are incredibly important features of the overall home design. Your living space can be completely transformed with the proper doors and windows installed. Windows and doors don’t last forever, however well-maintained products can last 15 to 20 years. Eventually though, all doors and windows in your home will need replacing. How do you know if it’s time to replace your doors and windows? Keep reading to find out!

A craftsman style home with bifold doors and windows open in the evening time. 

Broken, Damaged, and Hard to Use

Your doors and windows should open and close with ease, so if they are difficult to use, it might be time to replace them! Broken or damaged windows and doors can sometimes be fixed, but often if the frame or panel is warped, replacement is your best investment. It is so important to have easy to use, functional windows and doors—windows and doors that stick or won’t stay open is not only a nuisance, it is a safety hazard!

A folding kitchen passthrough window partially open at sunset.

Dark and Outdated

If your windows and doors are old and outdated, and are not enhancing your living space, it is time to replace them. If your doors and windows are not providing an abundance of natural light and maximizing your views, then they are not doing their job. Consider replacing small, old windows in the kitchen with Bi-Fold Passthrough Windows. You can also replace doors and windows and eliminate walls by installing a Bi-Fold Patio Door System.

A modern home with large glass sliding doors and a landscaped backyard.

Full Home Remodel

If you are undergoing a full remodel of your home, this is the perfect time to replace your windows and doors. Upgrading the rest of your home but leaving your old doors and windows will create an inconsistent look and ruin your modern home design with outdated products. Since you will be making major upgrades, you have full reign to incorporate beautiful, high-quality patio doors into your redesign. A unique Bi-Fold Window-Door Combination System can completely transform your kitchen and connect it to your outdoor living space. Use large, custom sliding glass doors glass on your upstairs balcony to create the perfect transition from indoors to outdoors. The backyard deck can benefit from a Zero Corner Folding Patio Door Unit and maximize views of your surroundings.

Huge wall of bifold doors overlooking luscious greenery and a bay in northern California.

Energy Efficiency

Most likely, your old windows and doors will not fulfill today’s energy efficiency standards, so it is probably time for an upgrade. Our Energy Solutions Bi-Fold Doors and Windows can keep heat in during the winter and deflect unwanted heat gain during the summer. With such energy efficiency, you can save money on heating and cooling bills. Additionally, energy efficient doors and windows raise a home’s value, and increase appeal to potential buyers.

Huge bifold doors open to a patio and pool in a Mediterranean style home.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

A good reason to replace windows and doors is if you desire an indoor-outdoor living design in your home. Luxury patio doors and windows can create the ultimate indoor-outdoor experience as the perfect transition from your indoor living space to your outdoor patio paradise!

Whether you’re planning a modest remodel, or upgrading every door and window in your home, AG Millworks has you covered. Our custom patio doors are made to order and will blend perfectly with any home design style. Learn more about our patio door features and customization options here.


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