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Monday, December 29 2014


Discounts on patio and entry doors are hard to come by, however we are offering home improvement enthusiasts a unique opportunity! For a limited time, we are offering up to a $500 discount on orders of $20,000 or more when you allow us feature your renovations on our website and in our brochures and promotional emails once it is complete! Whether you are looking to remodel your home to incorporate Passages entry doors, a Bi-Folding patio door or lift and slide patio doors, we want to share the success of your renovations with the world!


When it comes to renovating your home, you must choose a project that will both increase the value of your home and make for an aesthetically pleasing upgrade. If you are looking to blend the out with the in and incorporate indoor outdoor living in your living situation, Bi-Fold patio doors may be the answer you have been searching for! These beautiful patio doors have the ability to transform the entire atmosphere of a home!


Another amazing home renovation strategy is boosting curb appeal and transforming your entry doors. Whether you choose to increase the wow factor of your home with craftsman entry doors, or custom entry doors, this renovation project will leave you delighted in the results. Made of top quality materials and customized to meet the design influences of the rest of your home, this project can transform your everyday living situation into a dreamscape!


Whether you remodel for curb appeal or to make indoor/outdoor living a part of your family life, at AG Millworks, we will team up with the dealer of your choice to deliver your promotional incentive! When placing your order of $20,000 or more, we offer up to a $500 discount when you agree to let us feature your newly installed doors and windows on our website! If you are interested in this special program, please contact us today! And don’t worry about privacy—we never disclose names or locations or any other identifying information on our featured projects. Discounts must be approved in advance of purchase.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks in California can help transform your home with custom doors and windows that allow you to fully enjoy luxurious living.


Happy Holidays and Thank You from AG Millworks
Monday, December 22 2014


AG Millworks would like to give a big thanks to all that have contributed to such an amazing year! We are extremely grateful for our dealers, architects, builders, and clients and of course, homeowners who have chosen to make our products part of their beautiful homes. From all of us at AG Millworks, we wish you a joyous holiday season and a healthy, safe, successful, and prosperous New Year! Please join us as we let everyone in our lives know how much they mean to us, and spread some gratitude along with the holiday cheer!


Look to for Great Inspiration Before Remodeling
Sunday, December 14 2014


Many homeowners planning home renovations find themselves torn between design ideas and techniques. If you are planning your remodeling now, you may be worrying about whether these designs will remain trendy once the project is finally complete. Even staying up to date on the latest trends through expert blogs and magazines may not be enough to ensure your designs do not go out of fashion quickly after the job is done.

Rather than remodeling your entire home to incorporate your new entry doors and patio doors based on magazine ideas, look to for great inspiration and ideas! By utilizing this amazing service, you can browse amongst beautiful homes to find not only incredible designs, but also excellent interior design, architectural, construction professionals and window and door suppliers that will ensure the job is complete to perfection.

In February 2014, AG Millworks Bi-Fold Patio Doors ranked as’s top product of the month! These beautiful Bi-Fold patio doors make it easy to incorporate indoor-outdoor living, which is why everyone is incorporating these magnificent doors into their home remodeling plans! Since these doors allow you to blend the out with the in, you can enjoy indoor outdoor living from the comfort of your couch while enjoying fresh breezes from outdoors. And with the AG Millworks retractable accordion screen option for all patio doors, the bugs won’t bite!

So look to Houzz for great inspiration! The Houzz community is comprised of homeowners, home enthusiasts, and professionals looking to produce aesthetic results for each and every homeowner. Join the amazing community of Houzz in enhancing the home remodeling process as a whole!

Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks in California can help transform your home with custom doors and windows that allow you to fully enjoy luxurious living.



Wednesday, December 10 2014


Many homeowners and business owners looking to conduct remodels are waiting to start their renovation projects until the spring so that they can enjoy the holiday season surrounded by loved ones. Did you know that in some cases planning ahead and purchasing the materials now can yield significant tax benefits? Tax benefits for big purchases before the New Year can be a great way to say farewell to 2014 and hello to 2015!


If you are thinking about remodeling to incorporate beautiful bi-fold patio doors, swinging patio doors, or lift and slide patio doors, now is the perfect time to make the purchase. Making these big purchases before the New Year will allow you to write off applicable expenses on your 2014 taxes. End of year big purchases can prove to be extremely beneficial for both your pocket and your home. And when you already have the materials ready to go, you will be more inclined to jump start the project on time and plan a reasonable timeline.


If you are considering boosting the curb appeal of your home, we recommend starting with your entry doors. You can significantly increase the value of your home by transforming your curb appeal, using Craftsman entry doors, Passages entry doors, or even custom entry doors! These beautiful entryway projects will not only increase the value of your home, but they will also allow you to enter and exit your home each day feeling energized and empowered.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks in California can help transform your home with custom doors and windows that will allow you to fully enjoy luxurious living.


Please consult your tax advisor before making any decisions based on potential tax benefits.



Wednesday, November 26 2014


Winter is just around the corner, which means it is time to transform your home so that guests feel welcome and part of the festivities when they arrive at your home. Creating an inviting home can be as simple as adding a few design elements. We want your warm and cozy home to impress this season, which is why we have gathered these helpful tips for creating a warming and welcoming environment at home:

§  When brightly colored, summery throw pillows are covering the couches, it simply does not feel like winter. Change out your light colored throw pillows for festive ones based on the season, or just plush pillows in rich autumn and winter hues.

§  There is nothing more enjoyable than curling up on the couch by the fire cuddled up in a blanket. If you do not already have one, place a giant basket between your couches and fill it with throw blankets so guests can help themselves and get cozy on the couch.

§  Speaking of being curled up by the fire, get that fire going! A fragrant, warm fire is the best way to make a California winter feel more festive.

§  While you may have already changed out your own bedding for warm, festive textiles, it is important that you do the same for the guest room. Your out-of-town relatives will feel more welcomed if the guest room has been updated based on the season.

§  The warming flame from your fireplace is not the only flame that plays up the holiday season. If you are watching a movie or gathering around the table to converse with family and friends, light a few scented candles. The aromas will have everyone feeling festive and welcomed. Just be sure to keep an eye on them and never leave candles burning in a room without supervision.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks in California can help transform your home with beautiful custom doors and windows.


Wednesday, November 19 2014


Fall is here and what could be more relaxing and delicious than sampling a bold cabernet sauvignon or crisp chardonnay? That new wine cellar you just had installed deserves its time in the spot light to impress your family and friends. The fall season and wine tasting pair just as well as wine and cheese! We suggest hosting a wine tasting party at your house to celebrate fall’s arrival. Gathered is some helpful fall wine tasting tips for your party:


§  For your first wine tasting party, we suggest doing vertical wine tasting. Vertical wine tasting involves tasting the different types of wine from the same producer. This will allow you to choose a wine that is not too expensive. You will want to start with the sweetest wines and work up to the heavier, bolder wines.

§  We suggest making tasting cards for each of the wines so that your less experienced friends can learn about the distinct aromas and flavors of the various wine offerings.

§  Since alcohol consumption will be the foundation of your party, you must have things for people to snack on. You can go simple and make a delicious cheese platter with varying cheese selections, nuts, fig, honey, and anything else you can think of that will pair well!


At AG Millworks, we can create beautiful doors for wine cellars and wine caves with iron grilles that will surely have you winning the award for the most impressive wine tasting party. Doors can be weather stripped for temperature control to insure that your collection will remain at the perfect temperature in your wine cellar. Our innovative designs allow you to have a temperature-controlled wine cellar in the comfort of your own home.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks in California can help transform your home with custom doors that allow you to fully enjoy luxurious living.


Indoor Outdoor Living Maximized With Venting Slidelites on Entry Doors
Wednesday, November 12 2014

As the leaves begin to turn color and fall, autumn in California proves to be one of the most pleasant and refreshing times of the year. Have you ever been inside your home and wished you could have access to more fresh air? The crisp fall air can fill your home when you have tilt and turn sash entry doors or vented sidelites alongside your entry doors. These unique door designs allow you to enjoy indoor-outdoor living to the fullest!


Whether you choose an entry with a tilt/turn sash or vented sidelites for your entry system, this creative design technique will significantly boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. Not only will fresh air enter your home through these unique entry doors, but you will also appreciate the natural lighting you’ll get. Natural lighting has the ability to transform any room, making for an incredibly inviting atmosphere. Increased natural lighting holds a variety of health benefits, including increased productivity and immune system regulation.


Your venting doors and sidelites will surely be an impression maker during the holidays, especially for your relatives from the other side of the country. As your dining area fills with family members ready to enjoy the festivities, you can simply push open the sash or sidelites to make for an even fresher dining experience. All the heat from the kitchen will vent away so that the only thing filling your dining area is fresh air, the smell of the home cooked turkey, and love!


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks in California can help transform your home with custom doors that allow you to fully enjoy indoor outdoor living from the comfort of your own home.


Wednesday, November 05 2014


As the colder California seasons tend to be significantly less harsh than our neighbors’, many homeowners choose to expand fall décor to their indoor-outdoor living spaces. Whether you choose to create a beautiful display of pumpkins for your fall décor or complete a season-specific DIY project like a scarecrow sitting on a hay-bale, these indoor fall décor ideas and outside fall décor ideas might be a perfect match for you:


§  If your bi-fold patio doors open up from the dining area to your patio, it can make for an amazing holiday dinner with the family. Decorate the dining area with holiday lights and holiday-themed tablecloths for a warm and inviting place to dine. Once you open up the bi-fold patio doors, guests can enjoy cool breezes from outside while being surrounded by the warmth of family.

§  Why not utilize your patio fire pit during the holidays and make dishes that can be roasted over the fire. This will be an amazing way to end a holiday dinner with everyone curled up close to the fire. It is important that you keep all decorations away from your fire pit to ensure safety.

§  An easy way to decorate both the inside of your house and outside of your house for fall is by utilizing pumpkins, squash, and gourds. You can make a beautiful colorful display right beside your bi-fold patio doors or even place a fall ensemble in the front yard to boost curb appeal!


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovative products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks in California can help transform your home with custom doors that allow you to fully enjoy indoor-outdoor living from the comfort of your own home.


Utilizing Custom Patio Doors in Creating an Indoor Outdoor Living Experience
Monday, October 13 2014



There is no better time than now to start planning home upgrade projects for next spring and summer. Installing new custom patio doors will require careful planning and consideration, as it will not only transform your home, but your life as well. The right patio door can blend the in with the out in a natural way.


You will be able to control the privacy of your home and eliminate space restrictions that were once a burden. Planning this project ahead of time can ensure that your new patio doors and indoor outdoor living experience will debut at your first party next spring! You will no longer be constrained by traffic and space restrictions, and you will be able to fully utilize the natural elements of your home. When it comes to choosing the right patio door for your home, you have many options to choose from. Allow these helpful points of guidance to direct you in your search:


§  Depending on the particular design elements of the room you will be installing your new patio doors in, you may benefit from utilizing the most traditional patio doors, swinging patio custom doors. This traditional French design will require that you keep furniture placement in mind, since the doors will swing either into the room or out onto the patio.

§  Bi-fold patio doors prove to blend the indoor outdoor living experience with the most aesthetic appeal. With all wood options, and aluminum clad/wood options, you can transform the entire atmosphere of your home. These custom doors allow a homeowner to open an entire wall, blending the in with the out in a remarkable way.

§  Lift and slide patio doors allow you to remove a wall in your home without anyone at your party realizing! These patio doors can easily be concealed in a hidden pocket in the wall of your home. These large doors are customized based on the particular weather conditions of the home’s location, providing the homeowner with a wide range of options, including aluminum clad exterior and wood interior in almost any species, or all wood in almost any species. Choose from Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Clear or Knotty Alder, Red Oak, Clear Cedar, Pine, Douglas Fir, and many more.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks can help transform your point of view and blend your indoor and outdoor living experience.



Indoor and Outdoor Living with Bi-Fold Patio Doors & a Fire Pit
Monday, October 06 2014


As we prepare to welcome the new season, we must also think about how we can prepare our homes to provide us with the most comfort during the change to fall and winter weather. What can be better than welcoming Fall in California by opening your bi-fold patio doors, incorporating indoor outdoor living, and sipping on a warm pumpkin spice latte by the fire pit? The right patio that incorporates indoor outdoor living can make for unforgettable parties, and an increase in the value of your home. If you do not already have a fire pit on your patio, maybe these helpful points of persuasive guidance can help convince you:


§  A fire pit on your patio will boost the entertainment factor of your home tremendously. Your fire pit will be a place where memories are made, as immediate family gatherings can end in roasting marshmallows over the fire, and your holiday parties can end in reminiscing by the fire.

§  Speaking of roasting marshmallows over the fire, your fire pit can assist in simple cooking. While you cannot replace your barbecue with your new fire pit, you can roast kabobs and make s’mores on it! Your nieces and nephews with love roasting marshmallows over the fire pit during their holiday visits.

§  Your fire pit will most obviously provide you with a place to seek warmth during the cooler months. Family dinners can end in conversing about everyone’s days by the fire on chilly nights.

§  Fire pits increase the value of your home. Whether you are looking to sell or not, real estate agents will tell you home upgrade is more than worth the investment. This aesthetically pleasing, entertainment-boosting design element can transform the ambiance of your home.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks in California can help transform your home with custom doors that allow you to fully enjoy indoor outdoor living from the comfort of your own home.

Preparing to Impress During the Holidays with Custom Entry Doors
Monday, September 29 2014


As we plan the dates our friends and relatives will be arriving to visit for the holidays, we begin to think of how we can prepare our homes to impress. It is surprising that many homeowners do not realize what entry doors say about a home. As you approach a door with a homemade casserole in hand, naturally, you prepare yourself for what is inside based on the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the entry doors. Installing custom entry doors will not only increase the value of your home, but it will transform the first impression of each guest in a remarkable way.


§  For homes with contemporary design elements, the innovatively designed Passages or Voyages entry systems may be the perfect pick. Passage entry doors incorporate leaded glass contemporary designs, raked interlocks, aluminum inserts, and a variety of real wood species on the interior to completely transform the first impression of a home.

§  Landmark entry doors are the most traditional entry systems, incorporating traditional architectural styles while keeping contemporary design techniques in the realm of possibility. You have the option to customize these entry ways with nearly any wood species and make it as modern or traditional as you like.

§  At AG Millworks, we take pride in our ability to integrate the authentic design elements of the Craftsman architectural era of 1900-1939 and modern construction techniques when we create your custom Craftsman doors. Whether you are beginning construction now, or are looking to add a Craftsman door to your home which was built in 1912, our hand-crafted products will transform your entry in an exceptional way.

§  Many California homeowners looking to recreate the stunning entryways of Europe and Latin America choose to incorporate iron grilles into their door. AG Millworks’ handcrafted iron grilles are a distinctive and bold way to customize your home’s entry.

§  Rustic design elements of the Rancho style from AG Millworks allow you to warm up the atmosphere of your home in old-world ways. With a variety of distinctive distresses and prefinish options, Rancho entry doors will mirror the design elements of a Tuscan Villa, a Mediterranean Revival, or even a California ranch home.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks in California can help your entry make a stunning first impression to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Maximizing Natural Light with Entry Doors, Patio Doors, & Windows
Monday, September 22 2014


Many homeowners fail to utilize the inherent beauty of their homes, assuming that massive renovation projects are the only way to increase aesthetic appeal. Homeowners that utilize natural lighting create a unique ambiance that not only increases the value of your home, but also makes for a more enjoyable environment. There are a variety of design techniques that you can take advantage of when maximizing natural light in your home.


§  The entry doors of your home are the first impression maker. Rather than having a solid wood entry door, install a landmark or craftsman entry door that will invite guests in and create a warm, welcoming ambiance the moment you enter the house. The light will penetrate through the glass of your entry door in a way that will showcase your home in the light it deserves.

§  Increasing natural light in a room can be as simple as utilizing the windows of your home. Custom windows that expand the view of your local landscape can truly transform any room. Why should those enjoying a family meal in your dining room be shielded from the beauty that lies on the other side of the wall? Curved glass windows, tilt-turn windows, large picture windows and bow windows can invite guests to view the outside world from the comfort of your home.

§  Bi-fold patio doors and pocketing lift and slide patio doors are the perfect way to incorporate indoor outdoor living and have the doors completely out of your way when you are entertaining. No longer will you be constrained by space, weather, or traffic restrictions. When open, your pocketing lift and slide doors will be invisible to guests. You can blend the outside with the inside, and allow the fresh breeze to fill your home with natural scents and natural lighting.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality green materials, AG Millworks in California can help assist you in utilizing the true beauty of your home. When you choose AG Millworks products, you can rest assured that everything is Title 24 compliant and energy efficient.


Retractable Screens Blending the Out with the In
Wednesday, September 10 2014


Are you interested in installing beautiful patio doors in your home, but are worried about pesky insects invading? Similar to the way your doors can disappear with AG Millworks pocketing multi-slide and lift and slide patio door designs, you can add to any patio door retractable screens that vanish as well. With retractable screens on your doors and windows, you can choose when you want your screens to appear.


We call them Retractable Accordion Screens, and they screen openings as wide as 30 feet and as tall as 10 feet! And even better, when you order a retractable screen on your AG Millworks patio door, we incorporate the screen into the interior jamb right on our factory floor as we are building your patio door, so the screen mechanism blends right into the unit and you don’t have to pay your installer to assemble and retrofit it.


For those moments when you still want the cool breeze to fill your home, you can simply extend your screen or screens across the opening as a protective shield. Besides keeping bugs out, retractable screens help you enjoy the summer breeze while reducing glare as you watch your favorite movie. The ability to blend the indoor and outdoor becomes possible, without inviting bugs in.


Retractable screens also provide a variety of environmental benefits. On moderate weather days, just slide the screens across the door or window and your home will require less energy to become cool again without running the HVAC system. Allowing natural light into your home through your screens means you can reduce electricity costs. And by maximizing daylight, you can eliminate the need for artificial light sources throughout the day.


There is no better feeling than enjoying the outdoor lifestyle from the comfort of your great room—and you won’t have to put on insect repellant.

Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started building the bug-free home of your dreams!

Friday, September 05 2014


As we prepare to return to school routines, we must think about how to ease the transition for our entire family. As we all understand the sorrows of saying goodbye to summer, it is important to make the shift back to school less trying. Here are some helpful tips to incorporate summer tendencies into your everyday lives, without tossing routine out the window:


§  As you reintroduce good reading and homework habits to your child, consider making a comfortable zone for them to work on their school work on the patio. The patio will provide less technological distractions for your child, and the warm sun will get their creative juices flowing. You can monitor your child’s homework progress through your beautiful Bi-Fold Patio Doors.

§  The most challenging back-to-school routine is waking up early and going to bed early. You can ease the process by serving breakfasts and dinners on your luxurious patio. Simply open your multi-slide patio doors, and let the fresh breeze take over your home while you dine outdoors. As the morning sun brightens each of your family member’s moods, waking up early will not feel as challenging.

§  If your child is especially sad about summer’s end, gather the necessary supplies to make a summer scrapbook and put her to work at it on the patio. Your children can collect all of their summer memories (ticket stubs from amusement parks or national parks, sea shells from the beach, photos with friends) in one book so that they can look at it whenever they are in need of some good summer vibes. Give them fresh outdoor space to complete their scrapbook, and you’re always within sight of them with your patio doors open to the crisp fall breezes.

§  It is important that you sit down with your entire family and set attainable goals for everyone, parents included. Have this conversation on your patio where your summer memories all began. The fresh air and beautiful sunlight will allow your children to feel confident in their annual goals.


AG Millworks products can be the backdrop for unforgettable memories with your family. Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started creating the home of your dreams!


Friday, August 29 2014


The AG Millworks team would like to wish you a Happy Labor Day! In celebrating all the hardworking individuals on this special day, we encourage you to take advantage of your beautiful outdoor space and throw a party! Being surrounded by friends and family is the best way to celebrate the holiday.


When hosting a party, it is important that you do some tidying up and prepare your beautiful home so that it can shine in its best light. Although your Labor Day party will be held on your luxurious patio, it is equally important to tend to other areas of the home. Start by clearing your yard of any toys or debris, and give it a good trimming. While you are working in the yard, don’t forget to cut and display some fresh flowers throughout your home and patio.


Since your bi-fold patio doors will be secretly tucked away, allowing the outdoors and indoors to blend together, you will want to tidy up the inside of your home as well. Display healthy snacks for guests who are walking through your beautiful patio doors into the outdoor space.


After all the tidying up is complete, you can finally start prepping the patio. Start by preparing your outdoor bar and grill. If you have regrettably not touched your grill all summer long, give it a good cleaning before the party begins. When choosing which delicious items to toss on the grill, think about what your guests will most enjoy. Consider trying one new creative recipe along with your tried and true barbecue favorites for Labor Day celebrations.


Now, it is time to decorate. Since your barbecue will likely be concluding during the evening hours, you will want to set up exterior lighting. Spread strings of holiday lights around the perimeter of your yard for a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. You will also want to put out citronella candles for both additional lighting and bug repellent. Lastly, add some colorful decorations to your patio, and make for a memorable Labor Day!


Most importantly, make an effort to enjoy your party just as much as your guests. While you may be inclined to tidy up and clean throughout the party, it is important that you have the opportunity to celebrate Labor Day as well.


The AG Millworks team hopes you enjoy your Labor Day celebrations safely and responsibly! Happy Labor Day! Click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started building or remodeling the entertaining home of your dreams!



The Benefits of Natural Lighting in Your Home
Monday, August 11 2014


While most of your home’s design is intended for functional purposes, doors and windows have the power to not only light up a room, but change your mood, your health, and the comfort of your home. While you may think your attention is better focused on interior design and following the latest trend, the doors windows of your home (also known as fenestration) are the most important aspect. Natural light can make the difference between an ordinary house and a luxurious, spacious home. Here is a list of reasons why you should invest in beautiful large doors windows:


§  The biggest advantage is the mood changing benefits that come from natural light. Just as relaxing in the sun provides you with enjoyable feelings and sensations, natural light from large windows will give you the same positive emotions. Light from an artificial source simply does not make us feel the same happy thoughts.

§  Rooms that are illuminated and well-lit give off a spacious feel.

§  When we are stuck in the office all day, we forget how amazing the sunlight feels. Our bodies receive both therapeutic and mental health benefits from the natural light that comes through large windows.


At AG Millworks, we understand the importance of having a natural light source in our homes. That is why we handcraft the most strikingly beautiful patio doors and windows so you can reap benefits the benefits of natural light. Choose from Bi-Folds, lift and slides, multi-slides, standard sliders, and almost any window imaginable. Whatever your door and window goals are, we promise to exceed your expectations so you can transform your house into a beautiful masterpiece you will feel lucky to wake up in every day.


Click on the Match Me with a Dealer button and we’ll get started building your dream doors and windows. We can help you transform your home and exceed your expectations with our highly innovative designs.


Aesthetic Benefits of a Large Glass Patio Door
Monday, August 04 2014


Your patio door is the opening to a relaxing space that is all your own where you can settle down after a long day at work. There is nothing more beautiful than being welcomed home by your entire backyard and view without even having to open a door. The expansive glass patio door is one of the most aesthetically pleasing features of a home. It creates an inviting atmosphere with a breathtaking view. If you are looking to add a large glass patio door to your life, there are a variety of options to consider. Here are a few helpful tips:


§  Sliding Doors offer the most universal benefits and pair perfectly with any home design theme. Whether you are looking for a contemporary look or want to stick to traditional design, a sliding glass door will give a spacious, aesthetically pleasing feel. AG Millworks offers beautiful choices in the “Lift and Slide Patio Doors Without Pocket” category. Our “Pocketing Life and Slide Patio Doors” allow you to conceal your door completely when open. Since your door will be completely concealed in the wall, you will be able to blend the indoor and outdoor atmosphere seamlessly. With either option, you have the freedom to choose from an array of natural interior wood surfaces while eliminating the need to step over a sill.

§  Bi-Fold Doors differ from sliding glass doors in that they fold, accordion-style against one side of the opening. If you do not have the wall space for in-wall pockets, this is the best alternative and it will offer just as beautiful a view as a sliding glass door with pockets. AG Millworks offers both all wood and aluminum clad/wood Bi-Fold doors. If you choose an odd number of door panels such as 3, 5 or 7 for your Bi-Fold door, you’ll have a standard daily door for quick in and out trips to the patio, which is super convenient. We can offer you the smoothest transition from inside to outside with our innovative designs. You are welcome to choose from an array of wood species, and we’ll even apply a different wood species on the outside and inside surfaces of almost any door or window we make.


Click on the Match Me with a Dealer button. We’ll guide you through the process of choosing the perfect glass patio door for your indoor/outdoor living space.


Monday, July 28 2014



Summer is here and it is time to finally show off your newly remodeled backyard. Nothing beats spending the evening entertaining friends and family in your beautiful backyard. While in the past backyard dining meant bringing out a cooler, paper plates, and plastic forks, modern design has made it possible to have a mini kitchen in your backyard. Consider incorporating these helpful summer entertaining tips in your backyard party plans to have an unforgettable evening:


§  First, consider where guests will converse and where they will eat. Set the table properly if you have enough table room for all of your guests to be seated. You can also take out quilts for guests to dine “picnic-style.”

§  Refrain from using paper napkins unless they are for cocktails. Whenever you are serving food, you should use cloth napkins. Consider rolling up silverware in various colored cloth napkins and putting them in inviting containers such as mason jars.

§  The best centerpieces are ones that are fresh and natural. If you don’t want to choose a flower arrangement, simply put colorful fruits and veggies out in a bowl. If you want to show off your newly bloomed flowers for all your guests to see, put some freshly picked flowers in mason jars as centerpieces.

§  Choose your menu wisely for outdoor conditions and think about where you will display the food. Consider food that is less messy and won’t spoil in the heat. Small pass around appetizers work best in extreme temperatures.

§  Consider where your guests will relax if the heat proves too scorching. Will you have an area inside available for guests to converse or will you simply provided a shaded area?


Click on the Match Me with a Dealer button and we’ll get started building your dream doors and windows.



True Quality of AG Millworks
Thursday, July 24 2014



Have you been considering building your dream home or renovating your existing home but constantly put it off because you aren’t sure your dream is an attainable one? At AG Millworks, we strive to make your greatest dreams come true when it comes to your door and window needs. In all of our work, we start with honesty and integrity, and then focus on beauty. We take pride in the beautiful craftsmanship we offer many homeowners and work with you to satisfy your needs.


Since 1986, we have brought to reality the homeowner’s dream of top quality American-crafted fenestration products for their homes. We exclusively customize each patio door, entry door and window for our customer’s specific desires, insuring that their unique design needs are met. Our top quality craftsmanship reflects our business philosophy.


All of our doors and windows are handcrafted with a timber core for better insulation than hollow aluminum products. Our wood species also provide the most aesthetically pleasing results. You can choose from Cherry, Sipo Mahogany, African Mahogany, North American White Oak, Rift Sawn White Oak, Knotty Alder, Knotty Cedar, Douglas Fir, Teak, Walnut, Genuine Mahogany, North American Red Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Clear Alder, Clear Cedar, Poplar, and Pine. The stains and topcoats we use in our factory pre-finish booth are super low V.O.C and water based, so you will not have to worry about your family breathing unhealthy fumes.


Click on the Match Me with a Dealer button and we’ll get started building your dream doors and windows.




Pocketing Lift and Slide Patio Doors Disappear!
Thursday, June 12 2014


When the weather is gorgeous and you’re having a party that stretches from the great room to the patio to the pool, you want your patio doors to…..well—disappear!


AG Millworks Pocketing Lift and Slide Patio Doors will literally disappear into a pocket in the wall, with the help of the new Foldaway Lift and Slide Handle. Featuring sleek, contemporary design in multiple finishes coupled with durable dependability, this innovative handle folds into itself and before you can say Abracadabra, your patio doors are out of sight.


Our expert dealers will help you choose the AG Millworks door that is ideal for you and your home. You dream it, we’ll create it!


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How to Get the Door You and your Dog Need!
Monday, May 12 2014



We all live uniquely in our homes, with an individual array of priorities and site challenges. Getting what we want and need when remodeling can be the biggest challenge of all.


Chris Cole, president of Associated Building Supply, Inc., a statewide window and door retailer headquartered in Oxnard, California knows all about “unique” requests from his clients. When old friends told him they were finally ready to renovate the entry system on their Tuscan style estate, he was expecting something fairly basic.

“But this request was over the top,” he says.


When his friends shared that they were hoping for a wood entry system that would look beautiful, let in cooling breezes without leaving the doors open and, most importantly allow their 7 dogs access to the entry courtyard without cutting a “doggie door” into a wall, he picked up the phone and called AG Millworks.


The existing entry was dominated by a massive half-radius transom with a fan light pattern in nondescript bronze anodized aluminum that was completely out of sync with the small pair of multi-panel doors and fixed sidelites below (see “before” image above). The existing solid panel doors made the interior foyer dark and unwelcoming, and the dogs were always scratching at the doors to get in or out. The challenge, Cole understood, would be finding a way to incorporate the giant transom and its inherent support system, and designing an entry system beneath it that met his friends needs while resolving the “dog access problem.”


After deciding on the wood species (Sipo, in the African Mahogany family) Cole went to work designing the functional aspects of the entry with the AG Millworks design team including CAD specialist Brian Tanio who would create shop drawings for production. To address his friend’s ventilation requirements, Cole suggested tilt/turn sashes for the fixed sidelites and to create access for the family’s 7 ranch dogs, he designed a concealed dog door disguised as a wood panel in the bottom of each sidelite, which when closed and latched from the inside, revealed no evidence that the dog door existed. Custom iron grilles in front of the rustic seedy swirl glass in the doors and sidelites created a cohesive design that blended seamlessly with the dark bronze transom above.


The crowning touch was a matching set of doggie ramps constructed of Sipo Mahogany, iron and carpet, one on the interior and one on the exterior of each sidelite, which made it easy for the older, less agile dogs to come and go as they pleased without having to jump over the 8 inch bottom rail of the sidelites (see “after” image).

The result is a stunning design that solved a problem for his clients, respected the site conditions and created a dramatic transformation.


Associated Building Supply, Inc. has 8 California window and door showrooms: Oxnard, San Diego, Costa Mesa, Torrance, Calabasas, Oxnard, Los Gatos, Berkeley and

If you plan to attend the 2013 PCBC trade show in San Diego June 5-6, be sure to visit the Associated Building Supply booth (#921) featuring a large AG Millworks lift and slide patio door and unique door systems from other premier manufacturers.


Need help getting the door you (and your dogs) need? We’d like to hear from you!


Monday, May 12 2014



Whether you are commissioning plans to build your dream home from the dirt up, or contemplating a remodel of the home you already have, there are bound to be a lot of professionals and tradespeople involved in the process, and it is easy to lose your voice in the crowd when trying to communicate and get what you want. At a minimum, the players in your soon-to-be-real-life-drama will include architect, builder, interior designer, sash and door dealer, cabinet supplier, plumbing and fixture supplier, flooring supplier, subcontractors….okay–you get the idea.  Don’t get me wrong, these people are critical to the success of your project. But the key phrase here is that this is your project. Get what you want. Or at least get as close as you can.


Keep in mind that building a house or even remodeling one is often cited as the most stressful time in a couple’s life—right up there with becoming new parents!


In my 27 years in the custom millwork business, I have often heard people say “What I really wanted was this, but my [insert any player from the list above] said I couldn’t have it.” This cringe-worthy statement is exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, building codes and ordinances do govern– and in some cases dictate or limit– what materials (glass type, fire-proof tiles instead of a wood shake roof, etc.) can be used in certain geographic locations—for example building in a fire zone in California requires that glazing in all doors and windows have two panes and that one of the panes be tempered.


To illustrate the point, a customer of one of our dealers came to the factory about a year ago to look at our retractable accordion screen systems for the estate they were building in a fire zone. As she ran her hands reverently over the beautiful wood interiors of the doors in our showroom, I asked her why she was only considering our screen system and why she was buying aluminum doors with no wood interiors when her house was Spanish style.  You guessed it. She said, “Wood is what I really wanted, but my architect said I couldn’t have it because we’re in a fire zone.”  If she’d done a little homework, she would have known that her architect was incorrect; she could have had almost exactly what she wanted: aluminum-clad exteriors in any imaginable color, and any wood species she wanted on the interiors–and would have exceeded the CBC requirement for doors and windows in a fire zone. But the aluminum doors and windows were already on order and paid for, and it would have been downright cruel to say anything to her at that point.


So doesn’t it makes sense to arm yourself with basic knowledge of the restrictions, allowances and requirements that will affect your project before your architect invests a great deal of your money designing in one direction when you may want to go in a completely different direction? This is especially true if you are working with an architect who practices mostly in another region—maybe she designed your ski chalet in Tahoe and you want her to design your new house in Santa Barbara where local design and building requirements may be completely different.

You might be thinking, “My [insert any player from the list above] is supposed to be the expert– that why I’m paying them the big bucks!”


Well that, my friend is a good way to get what you don’t want. You need to know a little bit about the requirements for your area so you can be sure you are getting the correct information from your experts.


Before you start pushing dirt around….

and before you start to write checks, it is important to sit down with your family and brainstorm for a bit on how you live in your current home and what changes would enhance your life in your new home—do you wish you had an outdoor eating area or outdoor fireplace? Does your family spend most of its together time in the kitchen? Is your home or future home in an area where screens are a must for bug-free living (horse country)? Do you pine for the warmth of real wood on the interior side of your doors and windows? Visualize the placement of your various patio doors– will it be all about admiring an ocean or mountain view, or does the door look out onto a fence or garden wall? If the doors open out to a narrow balcony or side yard, sliding doors will take up less outdoor living space than Bi-Fold patio doors or swinging French doors.  There are more styles of patio doors and entry doors to choose from than ever before, and there is a lot to consider.


So be clear and firm about what you want, be realistic and flexible about what is possible, and make sure that your voice is heard in the crowd. This is your project.  Oh, and by the way, you might want to keep a marriage counselor on speed dial.


This opinion piece was written by Maria Schell Burden, and does not necessarily reflect the views of AG Millworks. A special thanks to Rich Mathieu of Associated Building Supply for fact-checking on building codes.



Choose the Right Patio Door Sill
Saturday, April 12 2014



A sill is that thing you step over (sometimes referred to as a threshold) when you pass through a door opening. You may never notice it, but the sill plays an important role in weatherproofing any doorway that leads into your home. Almost every swinging door has a sill of some sort, with good reason. In order for a door to swing or slide freely, there must be a certain amount of airspace around the perimeter, and therefore, a gap where air and water could conceivably penetrate and enter the interior spaces of your home, especially at the base of the door. A raised sill creates a barrier to keep any water that may collect around the base of the door from entering your home during a driving rain storm. Important, right?


Well now consider your patio door sill. Patio door openings can range from 5 feet to up to 50 feet or more in width and up to 12-feet in height. That’s a lot of wide open space; and patio doors are often positioned on the most exposed elevation of your house. It is important to consider whether you need a raised sill as a water barrier, or if the opening has enough protection to consider a sleek, recessed track system or recessed channel system for your masterpiece of indoor/outdoor living.


For a Bi-Folding patio door you have three sill/no sill options.


1.      A Raised Sill made from aluminum or wood with a built-in weep system to collect water and divert it to the exterior through the front of the sill. A raised sill offers the very best protection from water penetration, but with a 2” tall dam on the interior face of the sill, this thing is hard to miss, and you and your guests have to step over it when passing through the doorway.

2.      A Raised ADA Sill in aluminum with no weep system, which requires a 1″ wide x ½” deep channel be cut into the concrete to install it. Although this option is required in commercial applications and is needed in a home where a wheelchair is part of daily life, this sill has no dam to stop water and no weep system, so is not appropriate where weather exposure is a problem.

3.      A Recessed Channel—this option requires that a 1” wide x ¾” deep channel be cut into the concrete. An aluminum “u” channel is fixed into the cutout and the top of it sits perfectly flush with the finished floor. This gives you the most unobstructed indoor/outdoor appearance and nothing to step over or trip over. A recessed channel has no weep system and offers absolutely no protection against water entering the house, since there is no dam to keep water out and is really only appropriate where rain and garden hoses can never hit this door. Only stone, tile, or other water- resistant flooring material should be used to the inside of any door that does not have a raised sill—never wood, which would be damaged by any water that might find its way into the house.


For a Lift and Slide Patio Door or Multi-Slide Patio Door, you have two options, one with a sill, and one with tracks only.


1.      A Raised Sill made from aluminum or wood with a raised track set into it for each sliding door panel. The raised sill has a 2” dam on the interior so it provides superior protection against water penetration.

2.      A Stainless Steel Recessed Track System that is concealed beneath the finished floor, so the only thing visible after flooring is installed is a ¼” x 1/8” strip of stainless steel for each active door panel. A stainless steel recessed track system is great for openings with no weather exposure, and gives you an almost completely unobstructed floor with no sill to step over, but offers absolutely no protection against water penetration.


Before you purchase your AG Millworks patio doors, your sash and door supplier and builder will help you choose the right sill option for your patio doors and AG Millworks will build your patio doors exactly as you specify them. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your patio door into production!

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Wednesday, January 08 2014


Fulfilling Your Patio Renovation Dreams


The New Year is here which means it is time to start thinking about ways to begin the year with a fresh start. If you would like to have renovations or home upgrades completed in 2015, it is important that you jumpstart the planning phases now, so that your project can be completed based on your scheduling preferences. Homeowners who have dreamed of patio remodeling for years should start planning today!


When it comes to planning patio updates for indoor outdoor living, starting sooner as opposed to later will significantly ease the process and ensure your project exceeds your expectations and makes your dreams come true. Here are some helpful tips for planning your indoor outdoor living project:


§  In order for you to start utilizing your patio and throwing parties in your new space by summer, the project will need to be complete by May. Therefore, we recommend getting the planning stages out of the way before January ends. You will need to think about where you want your conversation areas to be, as well as where the barbecue and dining area should be located and what materials will be used. It is important that you take a moment to determine what you want to see when you look out of your beautiful patio doors. Consider pathways and sight-lines as you stand inside looking out at the patio. You don’t want to have to walk through the middle of a conversation area to get to the barbecue, and you don’t want the barbecue and bar blocking the view of the pool from inside the house, either.

§  When it comes to planning, you will need to think about what types of patio doors and windows would look best in your home and will best facilitate indoor-outdoor living. Whether you are looking for Bi-Fold patio doorslift and slide patio doorsswinging patio doors, or a pocketing multi-slide patio door system, our innovatively designed products can be the perfect solution for your patio transformation. With options that allow you to hide your doors in concealed pockets, guests at your Memorial Day barbecue will be able to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of the great indoors. Whatever your vision may be, our beautiful, handcrafted doors and windows can fulfill your renovation dreams.


Simply click the Match Me with a Dealer button to get started! With our innovatively designed products made of top quality materials, AG Millworks can help transform your home with custom doors and windows that allow you to fully enjoy luxurious living.

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