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Thursday, August 16 2018


Home fitness studios are the ultimate luxury—imagine being able to exercise from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can work out at anytime of the day and not worry about an overcrowded gym or onlookers watching you break a sweat. Everyone dreads the drive home from the gym after a long, intense workout; with a home fitness studio you’re likely to enjoy your exercise routine because you can jump in your shower post workout and relax. As home fitness studio enthusiasts, we want to help you design (or redesign) your very own private gym that you will love!


One of the most important design aspects to consider when planning your fitness studio is the flooring. Deciding on flooring may be difficult and confusing because there are so many different materials that can be used.  To create a luxurious fitness studio environment, we like the idea of using wood floors throughout your space. It is important to use protective gym mats beneath dumbbells and bench presses to protect your floors from dropped equipment. These rubber mats will absorb the shock when heavy weights are accidentally dropped, preserving the floor underneath. If you prefer, another option is to use rubber gym flooring throughout your studio, giving you more freedom to move about the space when exercising with certain equipment.


The next element of your home fitness studio to consider are the doors and windows. We suggest using plenty of doors and windows because they will provide an abundance of natural light. With Bi-Fold Patio Doors in your private gym, you can fold doors open and enjoy the fresh air during your workout routine. Having a wall of glass patio doors will enhance your view and create an indoor-outdoor exercise experience. You can also eliminate the walls of your studio and expand the space with pocketing sliding glass doors, which will completely disappear into the wall when fully opened!


So what type of gym equipment and machines should you include in your studio? You may not be able to fit every machine that a gym normally offers, however you can narrow it down by going with some of your favorite exercise equipment. Including one or two cardio machines and your favorite strength machine is a good start, and you will still have space for smaller equipment like dumbbells, exercise balls, jump ropes, and more!

Though not totally necessary, having a TV and sound system setup in your fitness studio is a plus. On the tv you can watch the news, follow workout videos, or catch up on your favorite tv shows during your exercise time. With a sound system, you can blast your favorite motivational playlist and get lost in your workout.


For the rest of your design elements, choose colors, themes, and décor that you enjoy and will make you more motivated to push yourself. Use indoor plants, peaceful artwork, and flowy window treatments to create a Zen environment that you can relax and destress in. Don’t forget to have a water station so you can stay hydrated without making trips to the kitchen and interrupting your workout!

When your studio is complete, try out these 30-minute at home workouts! Good luck and enjoy your home fitness studio!

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