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7 Reasons to Update your Windows and Doors
Tuesday, March 12 2024

Hey there, homeowner! Ever struggled with stubborn windows that just won't budge or doors that creak like they're straight out of a horror movie? If you're nodding along, you're not alone. But fear not – there's a solution! Here are seven compelling reasons why it's time to bid farewell to those old windows and doors and welcome in some fresh new ones:


1. Hard to Open or Close: Wrestling with windows and doors that seem to have a mind of their own is no fun. It's like a daily arm workout you never signed up for, plus it can be a safety hazard in emergencies. Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to smooth sailing with new, easy-to-operate windows and doors. Think about opting for a Lift and Sliding door from AG Millworks. Our user-friendly Multi-Sliding Doors or windows enable you to effortlessly elevate the doors with a straightforward handle movement. The mechanism takes care of the heavy lifting, making it a breeze to slide the door with just a gentle push of a finger. 

2. Drafty: Feeling a breeze indoors when it's not welcome? Drafty windows and doors are like having a built-in air conditioner – but not the good kind. They not only make you chilly in winter but also send your energy bills skyrocketing as you crank up the heat to stay warm. Time to seal those gaps and say goodbye to unwanted drafts. AG Millworks offers Title 24 Prescriptive Compliant solutions, ensuring energy efficiency and savings for your home all year round.

 3. Let Environmental Noises In: Tired of hearing every car honk and neighbor's conversation from the comfort of your living room? Upgrading to AG Millworks doors not only keeps the noise out but also enhances your peace and quiet indoors. It's like your own little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

 4. Lacks Curb Appeal: They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but let's be real – first impressions matter. Outdated windows and doors can make your home look neglected or outdated, which isn't the vibe you're going for. AG Millworks offers doors that not only look sleek and modern but also instantly elevate your home's curb appeal. Contemplate adding a French door system to your home; its timeless aesthetic complements any style of home. You have the choice between a timeless all-wood look or an aluminum exterior paired with a wood interior, which we call Clad. Clad provides a selection of 5 standard colors and customizable options for both the exterior and interior. For the interior, consider PG basswood for a smooth surface ideal for painting. Its versatility allows you to easily update its color as trends evolve. Plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.

5. Not Secure: Security is non-negotiable when it comes to your home. Old, flimsy doors might as well have a "welcome intruders" sign on them. But fear not – AG Millworks doors come equipped with multi-point locks, giving you peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure. Consider a Pivot Door System featuring its multi-point hardware, complete with a roller latch and magnet catch mechanism.

6. Foggy Windows: If your windows look like they're covered in a permanent layer of mist, it could be a sign of seal failure. Time to swap them out for new ones and enjoy crystal-clear views without the haze. An excellent choice is the AG Millworks pocketed sliding window, ideal for every window. It's user-friendly and perfect for seamlessly connecting your interiors to the patio.

7. Better Views and Natural Light: Who doesn't love a good view? Whether you're dreaming of a picturesque patio door or craving more natural light in your space, updating your windows and doors can make it happen. Say hello to brighter, more beautiful living spaces. Explore the option of incorporating a Bi-fold window and door combination, which allows you to seamlessly extend your kitchen space and create an expansive opening, perfect for hosting memorable gatherings and fabulous parties.










In summary, the decision to upgrade your windows and doors extends beyond mere aesthetics; it encompasses enhancing comfort, energy efficiency, security, and overall well-being. With AG Millworks' cutting-edge solutions,   you have the opportunity to elevate your home into a sanctuary of both comfort and style. Bid farewell to drafty spaces, soaring energy bills, and security concerns, and welcome a home that exudes warmth and charm. AG   Millworks provides an array of options including Pivot doors, Multi-Sliding door systems, French Swing door systems, and Bi-Fold door systems. For further details on our products, please explore our "find a dealer" tab on our website.

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