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Tuesday, August 28 2018


Living rooms are a big deal—they are a central location where you and your family gather and watch movies, play board games, entertain guests, and maybe even eat the occasional meal. This is a space that should offer comfort and accommodate your lifestyle. If your living space isn’t everything you want it to be, there are some things you can do to liven up the space and create a room that you and your family will love spending time in.


1 | Window Bench

You can liven up your space by incorporating a window bench in your living room. Window benches create the perfect reading nook and provide additional seating when you have a house full of people. Add comfy cushions and reading lamps to create a cozy spot for anyone to curl up and read a book! The best part is, you can create additional storage inside the underneath compartment for blankets and board games. This comfy spot can be created with a built-in bench, or you can purchase a bench to achieve the design.

2 | Natural Light

The doors in your living room that lead to your patio can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the room. By installing large Bi-Fold Patio Doors or Multi-Slide Patio Doors, you can expand your living space by connecting it to your outdoor entertainment area. These luxury patio doors will let in an abundance of natural light through the large glass window panes, illuminating the space entirely; and with doors open you can enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh breeze! Doors that slide or fold away are perfect for entertaining because they blur the line between indoors and out.


3 | Bookshelf

A bookshelf is both aesthetic and functional—it creates a unique focal point in the room, and can also be used to store books, games, and other items. Bookshelves are a design element we love, especially those with a matching ladder to safely reach high shelves. If space allows, a built-in bookcase is ideal. However, the look can still be achieved with a smaller, free-standing bookcase.


4 | Tabletops

Your coffee and end tables can dramatically change the style and feel of your living room. It is important to consider what your tables will be used for when choosing a design—will you use this table to play card and board games, build puzzles, and eat meals? Knowing how you will use your table will guide you in selecting a bigger or smaller coffee table, which may have extra storage underneath (hidden storage in your coffee table is great for hiding your 10 different TV remotes)! Your end tables should be large enough for a table lamp, décor, and a glass of wine.


5 | Lighting

Lighting and fixtures contribute to the ambiance of your living space. If your family is big on movies, investing in dimmer lights with a handheld remote is a good idea. You can also liven up the space with interesting and unique light fixtures, chandeliers, and lamps. With plenty of natural light coming in from your Bi-Fold Doors, be sure to hang some thick blackout that will block bright sunlight when you want to watch a movie during the daytime.


6 | Hanging Swing Chair

A fun feature to include in your living space design is a hanging swing chair! It will immediately draw the eye of anyone walking in the room, and swing chairs are fun to lounge in. You can hang the chair from the ceiling, or if you want to keep the ceiling free of holes, you can invest in a free-standing swing chair.

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