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Tuesday, September 18 2018


The weather is beginning to change, and rainy days will soon be upon us. Going out in the rain can be a struggle, especially with the children in tow, but sometimes it is unavoidable. On the days you can escape the rain and stay at home, follow these tips to keep the children happy and therefore maintain your sanity!

1 | Patio Playtime

Gloomy weather is the perfect time for cozying up on the covered patio with plush blankets and listening to the rain fall. The kids can spend time playing on the patio and releasing some pent-up energy, so they won’t feel like they’ve been cooped up inside all day. Covered patios are the perfect living space that allow you to enjoy the outdoors while still protecting you from the elements. When it gets too chilly outside, or the wind picks up, you can head inside and continue to watch the rain fall through your folding glass patio doors!


2 | Bake the Day Away

Be prepared and have baking ingredients on hand so you can spend the day baking some goodies! Measure out all the ingredients and let the kids pour and mix everything together—that’s their favorite part! The house will feel extra cozy with the warmth from the oven and the sweet smells of baked treats spreading from room to room. Cookies or cupcakes are great so when the baking is done, everyone can decorate the treats with icing, sprinkles and candy. The kids will have a blast and will stay entertained for hours.


3 | Indoor Campout

Rainy days are a great excuse to stay in your pajamas all day long and have an indoor campout with the kids! Move aside the couches and coffee table and pitch a tent in the middle of the living room. Fill the tent with plenty of comfy pillows and blankets and spend the day watching movies from the comfy-coziness of the tent. Setup near your large sliding glass door so you can still hear the rain and watch it pour down!


4 | Play in the Rain

Do you remember being a kid and the excitement that came with a rainstorm? Playing in the rain is a childhood rite of passage! Let your kids spend some time outdoors, dancing in the rain and splashing in puddles. Help them build homemade paper boats to send down the river flowing in the gutter. Make sure you are equipped with rainboots, raincoats, and umbrellas, but know that your kids will still end up soaked when the day is done. Leave towels by the door before you leave, so everyone can dry off at the door and prevent a wet mess!


5 | Cozy Up

Light a fire in the fireplace and cozy up on the couch and enjoy the warmth as it spreads through your home. The kids can roast marshmallows and spend a lazy day at home reading books, watching movies, and playing games. Brew some hot chocolate and pop some popcorn for the ultimate lazy day in!


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