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Thursday, September 20 2018

Home offices are a great place to manage your household and get work done on the days you work from home. You may think a home office is just another room, but this room has a purpose and can be altered to make you more productive. Follow these 6 tips and you can be more inspired, more efficient, and more productive in your work!


1 | Organization

Invest in a large desk where you can spread out documents when you are working on a big project. Plenty of storage is also essential to file paperwork and store supplies—drawers and cupboards mean your office can remain clutter free! Generous bookshelf space is a must to store your novels and keep some attractive design elements like succulents, photographs, and vases. When you feel like everything is in its place and there is no clutter, you will feel organized and ready to tackle any project.

2 | Increase Lighting

Working in a well-lit space makes your job easier. You can invest in plenty of overhead lighting and a desk lamp. Natural light will make you happier and more productive, so increasing the natural light in your office is paramount. You can achieve this by installing large folding glass patio doors or sliding glass patio doors that will allow an abundance of natural light to flow into your office. When you’re feeling drowsy, open your patio doors and let the fresh air awaken you!


3 | Private Space

Your office should have a door for privacy. Some offices or dens are an open nook off a main hallway—this leads to many distractions from people walking back and forth past your office. With a door that closes off the space, you can shut out noise and distractions when it’s time to concentrate and jump right into work mode. Help your family understand that when the door is shut, you are busy working and are not to be disturbed! It also lets you keep little ones from getting their hands on important files and unknowingly turning them into paper snowflakes.


4 |Paint Color

Believe it or not, certain colors can influence your emotions, and therefore contribute to your creativity and productivity. Blue is a soothing color that helps calm the mind and aid concentration. It also enhances wakefulness and supports clear and easy communication. A shade of blue is the ultimate office color because it will help you focus and keep you awake! If painting the office is not possible, use other design elements to add hints of blue to your work space.


5 | Comfortable Desk Chair

A comfortable desk chair is essential when you spend long hours at your desk working. A proper chair will support your back and neck and relieve tension. If you are uncomfortable in your chair and feel your butt falling asleep, that means it is time for a new chair. No matter how supportive your chair is, don’t forget to get up and walk around every 30 minutes to stimulate blood flow. Studies show that sitting for long periods of time could be just as unhealthy as smoking. Consider investing in an adjustable desk so you can stand up and keep working. Did you know that you can burn a couple hundred calories per day just by standing for part of the day?

6 | Eliminate Distractions

Your office should not hold anything that might be a distraction to you. This means removing televisions and cell phones from your space. Get a land line for your office so you can still conduct business, while eliminating the potential distraction of a phone with tons of tempting apps within arm’s reach.

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