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Tuesday, October 02 2018


Every year in late-September, millions of people flock to Munich, Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest. According to The Official Oktoberfest Website, Oktoberfest originated in 1810 as a wedding celebration in honor of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Nowadays, Oktoberfest is a two-week festival featuring beer gardens, food, and entertainment. You don’t have to travel all the way to Germany to enjoy Oktoberfest—there are many ways to get into the Oktoberfest spirit without setting foot on an airplane!


First things first, you absolutely need to invest in the proper Oktoberfest attire. Whether you’re hosting your own Oktoberfest, or attending a local event, you should be prepared with the perfect outfit. Women wear dirndls and men wear lederhosen—these traditional German costumes will make you feel like you’re at the real Oktoberfest! If you’re having guests over for an Oktoberfest celebration, remind them to show up in dirndls and lederhosen to keep the theme going!


Everyone celebrating Oktoberfest needs to drink from a beer stein! Beer steins are giant 34-ounce mugs used to consume beer. If you are attending a local Oktoberfest, beer steins are likely to be provided at the event. If you are hosting your own Oktoberfest, invest in some beer steins for the party and ask guests to bring their favorite steins so everyone can endure/enjoy the struggle of drinking 34 ounces of beer before it gets warm!


We have one word: PRETZELS. Pretzels are an essential part of Oktoberfest—you’re re going to need something to soak up all that German beer you drink! The traditional Bavarian pretzels served at Oktoberfest are salted and often times accompanied by Obazda, a popular cheese spread. Pretzels are a part of the tradition, so don’t feel guilty indulging in one or two (or three)!


Bratwurst are another traditional Oktoberfest staple. They are large, German sausages that are grilled and served on a bun with sauerkraut and onions. This is an easy and inexpensive meal to serve at your Oktoberfest party—guests will enjoy the savory flavors of this traditional German dish and prep time and clean up is minimal! Having a substantial meal to counteract the beer helps prevent Oktoberfest attendees from getting too rowdy.


You can host your own party or attend a local Oktoberfest celebration. Many restaurants and bars join in on the festivities and have Oktoberfest themed nights, bar crawls, and tastings. Get a big group together, throw on your dirndls and lederhosen, and head to your local Oktoberfest event and enjoy the Bavarian music, dancing, beer, and food. Many festivals even have family friendly days (usually Sundays) where your kids can partake in this fun and unique cultural ritual—and just think how cute your kiddos will look in dirndl or lederhosen!


Do you love Oktoberfest so much you want to encounter the real thing? Start planning your trip to Munich now so you can experience what a wild and fun festival Oktoberfest is. It is the experience of a lifetime, and anyone would be lucky to attend!

Some Oktoberfest Fun Facts

- Total Area: 420,000 m2

- Number of Tents: 34

- Total Seating: 106,000

- Annual Visitors: 7,200,000

- Beer Consumed: 7,500,000 liters

- Sausages Eaten: 235,356 pairs

- Lost Items: 4,500

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