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Tuesday, October 09 2018

Fall is in full swing and Halloween is fast approaching, so it’s about time you get your pumpkins ready for a good carving! If you still need a pumpkin, or just want to get into the fall spirit, head on over to your local pumpkin patch and join the festivities. Below are ten reasons anyone should visit a pumpkin patch in October!


1 | The Perfect Pumpkin

A pumpkin patch is the best place to go on a hunt for the perfect pumpkin. There are hundreds of pumpkins spread across fields, and it is your job to find the perfect one to meet your pumpkin carving or decorating (or cooking) needs! Part of the fun is searching through tons of pumpkins to find one you love—it’s like a treasure hunt. Large, round pumpkins with a smooth face are the best for intricate designs.


2 | Hayrides

A fun part about visiting a pumpkin patch is the hayride some patches offer during your visit. Check the website of your local pumpkin patch to make sure they have such an amenity. The hayride will take you on a trip around the patch and farm and is great for kids to enjoy! Sometimes, they will even have a haunted hayride with spooky monsters and Halloween fun.


3| Corn Maze

The larger pumpkin patches will even have corn mazes for you to escape from. Fun for adults and kids alike, corn mazes are intricately designed for a pumpkin patch goer’s entertainment. It’s fun to make your way through the maze and see how fast you can get to the exit! Don’t carry your pumpkin with you through the corn maze; you might regret it after you’ve been wandering through the maze trying to find your way out.


4 | Cute Photo Ops

Pumpkin patches offer many photo opportunities for everyone. Whether you’re trying to get the perfect Instagram photo, or get cute photos of your kid’s first pumpkin patch visit, you’ll find the perfect spot for photos—pose on the tractor, in the corn maze, on bales of hay, or with the scarecrow. This is the perfect place to capture that family photo for your Thanksgiving greeting card to be sent to family and friends!


5 | Delicious Treats

A trip to the pumpkin patch wouldn’t be complete without indulging in some tasty treats. Many places will sell caramel apples, fresh popcorn, glazed almonds, and tons of other treats! This is a great place to get your sweet tooth fix and enjoy treats made with locally grown products.


6 | Animals

Oftentimes, pumpkin patches will have a petting zoo with farm animals. You and the kids can pet and feed donkeys, goats and mini horses and revel in their cuteness! The kids will love interacting with the animals and there may even be a pony ride!

7 | Support Local Farms

Visiting your local pumpkin patch to find pumpkins is a great way to support a local business. Family-run farms are slowly disappearing, so supporting a local farm by purchasing a pumpkin and attending their fall events will contribute to their continued success. Instead of buying your pumpkin at huge retailer like Vons or Trader Joe’s, head to your local pumpkin patch and enjoy unique and fun activities they have to offer.


8 | Fall spirit

Spending time hunting for pumpkins, taking a hayride, and weaving through a corn maze will remind you of all the good things that come with fall. A trip to the pumpkin patch will get you into the fall and Halloween spirit and make you want to do this every year.

9 | Family fun

Pumpkin patches are fun for the whole family, and a great time for you and the kids to bond. Teach them how to find the right pumpkin and let them lead the way through the corn maze!

10 | Establish A Tradition

Make this an annual tradition! A family trip to the pumpkin patch every year is a little treat that your kids can look forward to and count on! Pick out your pumpkins and head home—open your Bi-Fold Patio Doors and set up a pumpkin carving station on the patio. Spend time together carving out your pumpkins and decorating for Halloween!

TIP: Depending on your climate, a carved pumpkin might last only a day or two before beginning to soften and sag, so be sure to time your carving party as close to Halloween as possible.


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