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Thursday, October 11 2018


It’s almost Halloween, which means soon the neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters will be ringing your doorbell expecting candy and Halloween cheer. Why not join in the Halloween fun and decorate your front porch and surrounding yard with fun props! It’s time to get into the fall spirit and create a spooky Halloween façade that everyone will love!


When decorating your porch for Halloween, it is always a good idea to incorporate some monsters to increase the spookiness! Skeletons, mummies, and ghosts are the perfect focal point to center your decorations around. Use these props to create a scene that tells a story when people look at it! Some monsters are scarier than others, so it is important to determine how spooky you want your porch to be in order to choose the right props.


You should utilize props that engage all five of your trick-or-treater’s senses—triggering sight, hearing, and touch with your decorations will take your Halloween decorating game to the next level and make the experience spookier for visitors. Hang clear fishing line so it dangles in the middle of a pathway—when it’s dark outside, the fishing line will mimic the feeling of cobwebs when someone passes through. You can also use a sound machine to play creepy noises, like screams, moans, or music. The lighting you use can also create a spooky effect on your Halloween porch. You may opt for black lights, strobe lights, or colored lights depending on what story you are trying to tell. A fog machine is a nice touch to complete the eerie scene you have created.


Investing in cool and animatronic Halloween decorations can enhance your spooky porch. Decorations that move, make sound, or jump out at you can startle trick-or-treaters and make your house the spookiest on the block! Spirit Halloween sells plenty of animatronic props that will fit in with any Halloween theme. These animatronics will require electricity or batteries and are activated by motion, remote, or via a step-pad. You can count on these creepy theatrical props to give a fright to anyone passing by.


Setting up a cemetery scene is an easy and classic way to decorate your porch/yard. Headstones, skeletons, and ghosts are perfect for this setup. You can even create your own headstones with this DIY guide. You can include spooky signs with phrases like “You’re Next” and “Beware” to add to the spectacle. If your tree’s leaves are falling, consider using them as a decoration to make the cemetery appear more realistic.



No home is ready for Halloween without carved pumpkins depicting creepy Halloween characters. There is something about a jack-o-lantern lit up at night that creates a spooky setting. There are so many creative and unique ideas for pumpkin carving available on Pinterest so you don’t have to repeat your usual Jack-O-Lantern cut-outs.

Don’t stop at the front door, continue your Halloween décor throughout your entire home! Open up you folding glass patio doors or sliding glass patio doors and incorporate the same tips and tricks to create a spooktastic backyard for friends and family to enjoy!

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