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Tuesday, October 16 2018


Sunlight helps make people more productive, happier, healthier, and calmer. Sunshine is an integral part of people’s health and well-being, and many wish they had more time to spend soaking up the sun. Sunrooms are a special luxury—if your home has a sunroom, you should be taking advantage of this awesome living space that allows you to comfortably embrace the sun from inside! Below are six ways to give your sunroom some much needed attention.


1 | Work

When you have some extra work to take care of at home (or maybe you work from home), consider forgoing your office and spending some time tackling a project or two in your sunroom. The sunlight will keep you alert and productive, helping you check off your to-do list and finish projects in record time!


2 | Dine

Dining in your sunroom is a great way to spend some extra time there. Set up a table and chairs and surprise the family with dinner in the sunroom. The natural light and views out the window will be a refreshing change from the dining room where the family is accustomed to spending dinnertime. Make sure to try this one before the time changes—by mid-November, the sun will be down before it’s time for dinner!


3 | Read

If you have some downtime, pick out a new book that you’ve been wanting to read from your local library or bookstore and spend time reading in your sunroom. Curl up on the couch, or lounge in a comfy chair, and get lost in your book while enjoying the rays of sunlight illuminating the room! If weather permits, open the folding glass patio doors or sliding glass patio doors in your sunroom and let in some fresh air.


4| Meditate & Reflect

Use your sunroom to meditate and relax your mind. The sunlight will put you in a relaxed state where you can reflect on the past days, weeks, or months. Use this time to relax your mind and body and set goals for yourself—think about where you want to go with your career, relationships, and self.


5 | Jacuzzi

You could turn your sunroom into an indoor spa with a jacuzzi, making your jacuzzi easily accessible whenever you need it. Through rain, sleet, or snow, you can relax and soak in the jacuzzi. it will feel like you’re outside without actually having to brave the elements! No need to worry about that moment when you exit the jacuzzi and must endure the freezing cold for a few seconds before running to the warmth inside—you’re already inside the protection of your sunroom!



6 | Storm Watch

Not only are sunrooms perfect for basking in the sun—they are great for storm watching! Hang out in the sunroom during those summer monsoons and watch the rain poor down and the lightning strike and listen to the thunder rumble! Watch the leaves change color and float down to the ground in the fall. Watch the blizzards and snow flurries cover your surroundings in a fluffy white layer of snow during the winter! Make sure your sunroom’s doors and windows are energy efficient to help regulate the indoor temperature during different seasons. Click here to learn more about energy-efficient patio doors and windows.

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