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Tuesday, November 06 2018

Fall is halfway over, and the weather is beginning to cool down. With the change in seasons comes change in weather. It is a smart idea to prepare your home for weather changes and the storm season that is approaching! With these tips, your home will be ready for storm season in no time!


To prepare for storm season, the rain gutters on your home need to be swept free of leaves and debris. This is one of the most important steps in getting ready for rain—upkept rain gutters direct water flow from the roof away from the home to protect the foundation. Clogged gutters combined with an unexpected rainstorm can lead to flooding and settling of the home’s foundation. Prevent major water damage by keeping gutters clean and clear for excess water to flow freely! This handy tool will help make the gutter cleaning process easier and more efficient. Make sure to inspect gutters while you’re cleaning to ensure any damage gets repaired as soon as possible.


Hire a tree trimming service to have any trees surrounding your home inspected and trimmed. Eliminate any weak or diseased branches that hang over you home—excessive rain fall can cause branches and trees to come down during a storm, so it is important to have your trees properly inspected. Not only is tree trimming a preventative safety measure, it keeps the tree healthy and flourishing and should be done regularly, according to tree species.


Take down any temporary gazebos and awnings, or make sure they are secured to the ground. A large gust of wind during a storm can blow around unsecure gazebos and cause damage to the canopy, as well as nearby furniture, fences, windows, etc. Canopies should be properly weighted or bolted to ensure they stay in place! Don’t forget to put away other outdoor furniture and accessories like seat cushions, small tables, lanterns, and other décor.


If you enjoy burning a fire on those chilly, rainy nights, it is smart to have some firewood accessible and protected from the rain. Stack wood on the back porch, or any place that is dry and close by, so you can easily start a fire in the fireplace. Make sure you check storm conditions and aren’t burning a fire when it’s extremely windy outside—the wind can force smoke back down the chimney and into your home. For more fireplace safety tips, click here.


An emergency preparedness kit is essential for every home. You will hopefully never need to use it, but it is better to be well-prepared for unexpected disasters! Creating your emergency kit is easy and inexpensive. You need water, nonperishable food, a first aid kit, flashlights, and more! For a full list of what to include in your emergency preparedness kit, visit the American Red Cross Website.

Last but certainly not least, check that your windows, folding doors or sliding doors are properly sealed and weather stripping is fully functional! Once your home is ready for storm season, it’s time to cozy up on the couch, enjoy the warmth from the fire, and watch the rain fall through your Bi-Fold Doors or Multi-Slide Doors!

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