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Thursday, December 20 2018


Tomorrow, December 21st, winter officially begins with the Winter Solstice! Can you believe that Christmas is in just five days, and 2019 is right around the corner? Winter is beginning, so we should be ready to expect colder days and nights, more rain or snow, and frosty windshields. Are you ready for this change in weather? There are things you can do to make this harsh weather more bearable while, day by day, we slowly get closer to Springtime and warmer weather!


Bundle Up

Being cold is an uncomfortable feeling and can make any outing miserable. Now that it’s extra chilly outside, be sure to bundle up and wear layers to keep warm. Scarves, hats, gloves, and coats are great protection from the cold weather! Layers are perfect because if you get a little too warm, you can remove a layer or two. You should also invest in a great pair of rain or snow boots to keep your feet warm and dry this winter. Keep an umbrella in your car just in case you get caught in a storm!


Warm Refreshments

Use hot drinks to warm up when it’s especially cold outside. Grab a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate from your local coffee shop and sip on it to keep you warm on your morning commute. Because hot beverages are warmer than your body temperature, they help make your body warmer, even when it’s cold out! Not only will these yummy refreshments keep you nice and toasty, but they are delicious, and could even soothe a lingering cough or sore throat—opt for teas with lemon and honey to achieve the latter.

Break the Chill

Run your fireplace and heater to break the chill in your home. Keep cozy throws and pillows out so it’s easy to cover up on the couch when it’s chilly. Once your home is nice and warm, keep your Bi-Fold Patio Doors closed to preserve the warmth— Energy Solutions Bi-Folds are energy efficient doors that can keep the heat from escaping your home. For those times when no matter how high you raise the thermostat, you just can’t seem to warm up, put on cozy pajamas and fuzzy socks, and turn on your heated blanket to help combat the cold!

Now that you’re ready to fight the cold, here are some interesting facts about this year’s Winter Solstice:

1 | Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year—this means that Friday will have the least number of daylight minutes out of all 365 days of the year. The farther North you are from the equator, the less sunlight you’ll get during the solstice, and the longer the night will be (in the Northern hemisphere).

2 | All the planets in our solar system have solstices too—any planet that rotates on a tilted axis will have seasons, solstices, and equinoxes.

3 | There will be a full moon, called the “Long Night’s Moon,” on the Winter Solstice—the full moon hasn’t fallen on the solstice since 2010, and won’t again until 2094.

4 | The word “solstice” translates to “sun stands still.”

5 | The primary axis of the Stonehenge monument is aligned to the sunset on Winter Solstice.


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