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Thursday, July 18 2019

If you’re halfway through summer and realizing that maybe you need a pool to fully enjoy the hot weather and long days, there are some important things to remember about pools. Pools can be a fun and entertaining backyard feature, but there are some downsides of owning a pool that you’ll want to consider before making any permanent decisions.

PRO: Swimming Whenever You Want

Having access to your own pool is a nice perk, especially during the summer. You don’t have to go to the neighborhood or community pool, or burden friends and family by asking to use their pool every week. You can go for early morning or late-night swims, and not be restricted by limited hours or holidays.

CON: Expensive Upkeep

Pools are a literal money pit—not only are they expensive to install (think upwards of $50k), but once they are installed, they are expensive to maintain. Money will be spent on chlorine, heating, cleaning, increased electricity costs, pool accessories, and other maintenance, with no end in sight.

PRO: Upgraded Entertainment Space

A new pool will enhance your entertainment space and allow you to host pool parties for any occasion (birthdays, barbecues, holidays). With your new indoor-outdoor space, you can open your bi-fold door system and connect your home to the outdoor pool and living area.

CON: No Lifeguard on Duty

At home, you won’t have a lifeguard on duty which means you’ll have to pay close attention to swimming children. You can’t stray too far from the pool area or take a nap under the sun.

PRO: Home Access

A perk to having your own pool is having access to your home—whether you want to call the kids in and make lunch, take a break from the sun and head into the air conditioning, or use your own CLEAN bathroom (we all know public restrooms can be less than spotless).

CON: Regular Maintenance Required

The regular maintenance of a pool can be tedious. Cleaning, adding chemicals, testing the water, and fixing any malfunctioning systems takes time. Whether you’re doing it yourself, or paying someone to do it, it can be a burden.

PRO: Privacy

Having a backyard pool is great for maintaining privacy. You won’t have to deal with other pool-goers gawking at you. You can be comfortable in the privacy of your own space.

CON: Dangerous for Small Children

A pool could be considered a hazard. Even if you don’t have small children, a surrounding safety fence may be necessary; and if gates are left open, accidents can still happen. Visit the Pool Safely Website for more information.

PRO: Can Increase Home Value

It is possible for a pool to increase your home value, however it’s not a guarantee. If your home is located in a warmer climate and can be used for most of the year then it could add value to your home. If most of the neighbors have pools in the area, then a pool could also be a smart investment.

A few more CONS to consider:

1 | Can increase the number of events you’re asked to host.

2 | Extra laundry plus wear and tear on floors leading to indoor bathroom.

3 | Added home insurance premiums/liability for accidents, etc.

Once you’ve considered all of the pros, cons, and cost involved, you will be able to make a smart and knowledgeable decision. In the end, a pool addition could really add value to your life and home.

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