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Thursday, February 14 2019


The shortest month of the year is halfway over, which means National Random Acts of Kindness Day is a few days away. Did you know every year on February 17th groups, organizations, and individuals across the nation celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day? This holiday is the perfect day to shower your friends, family, and community with kindness and give back to those around you! Keep reading for ideas on how you can carry out some random acts of kindness throughout your day.

One way to get involved in the holiday is by spreading the word! Share with your family, friends, and Facebook community that February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day and get people excited about it! Many people are unaware of this holiday, but the more people who know about this special day, the more kindness that can be spread. You could even challenge your friends and family to a kindness competition to encourage others to participate in the fun.

One way to show kindness is by showing appreciation. Show those in your community that you care about them and appreciate them! Stop by your local fire station and drop off some snacks or treats and thank the firemen for their service. If you visit any restaurants or coffee shops, leave an extra good tip and let the server or barista know you appreciate everything they do to make sure you’re a happy customer. Surprise a local doctor’s office or health clinic with fresh coffee and donuts to thank them for keeping your community healthy and strong. It’s easy to forget how much our public health and service providers do for us and we may sometimes take it for granted—think outside the box and surprise some of the people in your community you are most thankful for!

You can show kindness to both the Earth and your community by cleaning up parks or beaches and picking up trash—be sure to separate the recyclables so they don’t go to landfills. You can also plant trees and flowers to make Earth and your community a more beautiful and better place to live. Be aware of your carbon footprint and educate yourself on sustainable living—consider being extra kind to the Earth and adopting a new sustainable practice or routine to carry out daily and live a greener life.

Use National Random Acts of Kindness Day as an excuse to pay for the next in line’s coffee or tea, or surprise a young couple dining out by paying for their meal! Help those in need around you whether it’s taking soup to your sick neighbor, helping another shopper carry their groceries, or helping your coworker move into a new apartment. If you open your eyes and look around, you’ll notice that there are plenty of people who could use your help! After carrying out a few acts of kindness, you will be glad you lent a helping hand and feel better knowing you contributed to bettering the community!

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