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AG Millworks

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Tuesday, August 20 2019

Since its founding in 1986, AG Millworks has been privately owned, skillfully managed, and independently operated. The company wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of our dedicated and trusted local customers. Located in Ventura, California, AG Millworks has provided incredible craftsmanship to communities across California for over thirty years.


Shopping locally supports and boosts our local economy. When you spend $100 at your local business, $68 stays in your community. This strengthens the local economy and allows businesses to create more jobs and provide better wages and benefits for workers in the community. By shopping at small, local businesses, you aren’t paying for a CEO to buy a third vacation home, you’re supporting families in your community. Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors! They care about and are invested in the growth and well-being of the community.


Most small businesses are family-owned, and AG Millworks is no different. However, many businesses have trouble competing with big brand corporations, and end up going out of business or being acquired. Mergers and acquisitions take away a small company’s authenticity, voice, and humanity. Since the beginning, AG Millworks has undergone tremendous growth, but it remains a small, privately owned company with less than 50 employees. Throughout the years and many changes in the fenestration industry, AG Millworks has maintained its core values of family and community.


Shopping locally usually ensures you are purchasing a better-quality product. Many manufacturers and big corporations have large automated assembly lines to mass produce their products. Mass production leaves more room for error and can lack quality control. AG Millworks believes in product quality versus product quantity, which is why each door system is handcrafted, custom made, and hung and swung in the factory guarantee a perfect fit and finish. Unlike big corporations, AG Millworkshas the ability and understanding to provide a luxurious door system to complete your home design goals. Doors are fully customizable and are made to meet your specific needs and your specific vision. No door project is too big or too small, AG Millworks builds it all!


Small businesses are known to provide outstanding customer service. Big businesses now have automated messages that guide you through their listings and generalize your questions and concerns, but small businesses continue to provide a personalized experience with a real person on the other end of the line. AG Millworks has a team of helpful, knowledgeable patio door experts who can guide you through the confusing world of folding, sliding, and French swing door systems and connect you to a Certified AG Millworks Dealer near you.


At the end of the day, AG Millworks isn’t run by boards, stockholders or algorithms—it’s run by real people, and that truly makes all the difference. So check out more of your local businesses, attend and promote their sales and events, and choose them over the big corporations like Amazon.

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    Welcome to AG Millworks, where we combine extraordinary designs with traditional old world craftsmanship and innovation to produce ageless millwork creations that will bring your building project to life.

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