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Create a Movie Night on Your Patio with these Tips!
Saturday, July 23 2016

Learn how to throw an outdoor movie night in your own backyard!

Summer is a time where memories are made with friends and family. Full of fun, games, and time spent outdoors, summer is the perfect time to host an outdoor movie night. Make the most out of the remaining days of summer (and beautiful weather), by learning how to throw your very own patio movie night!

Step 1: Pick the Perfect Screen.

Enjoy your favorite flick up on the big screen! It’s no secret that you’ll need a place to screen your movies, however, you have a few options. Whether you choose to go a simple route and screen the film on a blank wall, rent a screen from a local vendor, or test out your DIY skills by building your own screen, choose the option that best fits your needs. That way, you have the perfect atmosphere for you guests to sit back, relax, and enjoy the film!

Step 2: Create Ample Seating.

Transform your patio into a cozy, relaxed space with plenty of seating. Get creative and work with your patio space to find the best seating arrangement for your outdoor movie screening. Mix it up and rearrange your patio furniture so that all of your guests have a view of the screen. For extra seating, don’t be afraid to use the floor! Set up a sea of blankets complete with colorful cushions and bean bags to give your movie night a bit of bohemian style.

Step 3: Bring the Concession Stand to Your Backyard.

What’s a movie night without a few snacks? Dazzle your guests with a concession table full of treats fit for a Hollywood premier! Update movie theater staples with more gourmet versions. Offer a selection of flavored popcorn like white cheddar jalapeño or sea salt caramel, and set up your very own candy station where your guests can make their own goodie bag. It’s a delicious twist on a movie theater classic.

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Throw Your Best Backyard Barbecue With These Hacks
Thursday, July 14 2016

Get more out of the second half of the summer with these backyard barbecue hacks.

Can you believe the summer is halfway done? Don’t miss your chance to make the most out of the remaining sunny weeks! Use these hacks to throw your best backyard barbecue yet.

Know your solo cups.

Part of the beauty of backyard barbecues is that you can use disposable plastic ware (goodbye, dishes!). But did you know that the lines on a Solo cup mean something? The line closest to the bottom measures out 1 ounce, the amount of alcohol added to cocktails. The next line marks the 5-ounce mark, or the measure for a glass of wine. The third line from the bottom hits 12 ounces, or the usual pour for a beer.

Protect your guests.

Set out a pretty pail stocked with sunscreen and bug spray so your guests can easily get what they need to fend off pests and harmful rays.

Or, if you’re looking for a more ambience-creating bug defense, create citronella candle jars. Simply float rosemary, lemon, and a floating candle in a mason jar filled with citronella oil!

Create menu art.  

Get a big piece of plywood and sand off the edges to avoid splinters. Then paint it with a couple of coats of chalkboard paint. Grab your kids and your chalk and create a beautiful menu so your guests can know what’s for dinner and enjoy your creative flair.

Looking to make more of your outdoor space this summer? We have Bi-Fold Patio DoorsLift and Slide, Multi Slide Patio Door System, Entry Doors, and Windows that can help you create indoor-outdoor living areas. That way, you can bring your backyard barbecue into your home’s entertaining areas so you can have more space for summer fun! Contact the professionals at AG Millworks to learn more by simply clicking the Request a Quote button to get started!


4 Ideas to Improve Your Landscaping This Summer
Wednesday, July 06 2016

If you’re looking to make the most of your outdoor space this summer, consider these four landscape improvement tips.  

Can you believe we’re already a month into the summer? Now that the holiday weekend is behind us, things should settle down, and you can settle into your summer groove. Do you have space to enjoy it? Improve your landscaping with these four ideas so you can make the most of the season from the comfort of your home!


Light it up. Why should you only be able to enjoy your yard during daylight hours? It’s easier than ever to create a great ambience outdoors because you can buy inexpensive, solar-powered lights that stake into the ground. You’ll never have to worry about hooking them up to electricity or replacing the batteries again!


Make it tasty. Why not get more use out of your garden? Instead of planting things that will only look nice, plant something you can use in the kitchen. Basil and rosemary are easy to grow and an excellent addition to virtually any dish!


Add some color. Spice up your landscaping by planting colorful blooms here and there. Pops of color will add some visual interest to your yard in the same way that exciting throw pillow added some zest to your living room.


Go native. The California drought makes native plants a better idea than ever. Plus, the Golden State has some impressive options from which to choose! By opting for native plants, you’ll be able to grow beautiful plant life without using copious amounts of water.


As you transform your outdoor areas, let the professionals help you enjoy indoor-outdoor living. Through our Bi-Fold Patio Doors, Lift and Slides, Multi-Slide Patio Door System, Entry Doors, and Windows we can make it easier to have the beauty of your landscaping seamlessly transition to the beauty of your home’s interior. Contact the professionals at AG Millworks to learn more by simply clicking the Request A Quote button to get started!




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