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Tuesday, August 27 2019

Have you recently discovered a leak under the sink that has gone unnoticed for too long, resulting in damage to the surrounding cabinetry and dry wall? Or maybe you recently became aware of another complication that has ruined your flooring or warped your patio doors. Owning a home is hard work, and it comes with the responsibility of maintaining the house and yard and fixing or replacing things that break. When unforeseen events like leaks occur, you might feel overwhelmed and frustrated that you have to partially re-do your bathroom or kitchen, however you can turn this into a good thing—this is a great opportunity to expand the remodel and create the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Treat Your Space to New Flooring

If updated flooring has been on your list for a long time, this might be the best time to do it. Go to your local flooring shop or home building store to look at flooring types and materials and get a price estimate. If new flooring is within your budget, don’t waste any more time—order the flooring you love and get the job done!

Revive Your Kitchen Cabinets or Bathroom Vanity

If there was damage in your kitchen, consider tackling your kitchen cabinets during this remodel. You can revive your cabinets by painting or resurfacing them and updating the hardware. If you want to splurge, consider installing brand new cabinets and countertops!

Replace the French Doors Leading to Your Outdoor Space

Since you’ll already be remodeling and making a mess, now is the perfect time to create the indoor-outdoor lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Replace your French door or sliding door and create a large opening to your outdoor space using accordion glass doors. To learn more about using accordion glass doors to create an indoor-outdoor room, contact our patio door experts.

Give the Room a Fresh Coat of Paint

Updating a room can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint in a new color. Look to for inspiration on paint colors, and choose a warm, soothing color for your space! You might also consider fun wallpaper instead of paint, or updating the crown molding while you’re at it.

Update the Light Fixtures

Another easy and affordable upgrade is replacing your light fixtures. Invest in some new pendant lights for your kitchen island or update the vanity lighting in your bathroom.

If a larger remodel just isn’t possible at this time, don’t get discouraged. If upgrading your home is important to you, you can prioritize it and start saving money to budget for remodel expenses. Work on one room at a time and save money by doing simple projects, like painting, yourself.

Thursday, August 22 2019

August is quickly wrapping up, children are going back to school, and vacationers are heading home. With about a month left until it’s officially fall (September 23rd), summer is just about over, making it the perfect time to start your home remodel project and accordion glass door installation. Late summer and early fall are great times for building projects because the weather is still nice, and rainstorms are unlikely. Now that you’re ready to begin your remodel project and create an indoor-outdoor living space with accordion glass doors, here are some helpful tips for getting started and finding the best door for your project.

Research the Design and Feature Options of Your Accordion Glass Door

Finding the right accordion glass door for your home can be difficult. With so many manufacturers offering their own version of an accordion glass door system, understanding which brand provides the highest quality and best experience is important. Along with deciding which brand to choose, you must choose the customizable options of your accordion glass door design. Important options to consider are clad color, interior wood species, interior paint or stain finishes, divided lite configurations, accordion glass door configurations, and hardware style and finish. While all these options can seem overwhelming, our patio door experts are here to help. Contact our patio door experts to discuss your accordion glass door project, ask questions, and learn more about product capabilities, features, and benefits.

Don't Pick an Accordion Glass Door Configuration without a Daily Door

Though there are many things NOT to do when investing in a large accordion glass door, one mistake stands out: choosing a configuration without a daily door. It is important to choose a door configuration that will have a manual door, or “daily door,” that provides easy access to your outdoor space. Accordion glass door systems with odd configurations (3L, 5R, 1L3R) in at least one direction have daily doors that can be opened without unlatching and opening the entire accordion door system. You must choose a configuration with a daily door If you plan to access your home from the exterior of your large accordion glass door. If you choose an even door configuration (such as 4L or 2L2R) you will have to open the entire door system to access your outdoor space and you will not have exterior access if the doors get closed and you’re outside. Click here to learn more about common mistakes to avoid when choosing a large accordion glass door.

Ensure Fast and Easy Accordion Glass Door Installation for Your Contractor

Accordion glass doors require a professional installer to ensure perfect installation. Choosing a door system that will make your contractor’s or installer’s lives a little easier can save you time and money during install. AG Millworks is the only accordion glass door manufacturer who delivers fully assembled door frames to your jobsite, eliminating multiple steps in the installation process. Your optional retractable accordion screen is fully integrated into the door jamb by expert installers in the factory, eliminating the need for onsite screen installation. With pre-built frames and factory installed screens, your contractor or installer will be able to install your accordion glass door in record time.

Find a Sash and Door Dealer to See a Display and Place Your Order

When you have a good idea of the accordion glass door design you want, you can visit a sash and door dealer to view a display and test it out. Your sash and door expert can also answer any questions, provide you a price quote for your accordion glass door, and place your order. To find an AG Millworks Accordion Glass Door Dealer near you, contact our patio door experts to be matched with a certified dealer. You may also call us directly at 805-644-4494.

Tuesday, August 20 2019

Since its founding in 1986, AG Millworks has been privately owned, skillfully managed, and independently operated. The company wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of our dedicated and trusted local customers. Located in Ventura, California, AG Millworks has provided incredible craftsmanship to communities across California for over thirty years.

Shopping locally supports and boosts our local economy. When you spend $100 at your local business, $68 stays in your community. This strengthens the local economy and allows businesses to create more jobs and provide better wages and benefits for workers in the community. By shopping at small, local businesses, you aren’t paying for a CEO to buy a third vacation home, you’re supporting families in your community. Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors! They care about and are invested in the growth and well-being of the community.


Most small businesses are family-owned, and AG Millworks is no different. However, many businesses have trouble competing with big brand corporations, and end up going out of business or being acquired. Mergers and acquisitions take away a small company’s authenticity, voice, and humanity. Since the beginning, AG Millworks has undergone tremendous growth, but it remains a small, privately owned company with less than 50 employees. Throughout the years and many changes in the fenestration industry, AG Millworks has maintained its core values of family and community.


Shopping locally usually ensures you are purchasing a better-quality product. Many manufacturers and big corporations have large automated assembly lines to mass produce their products. Mass production leaves more room for error and can lack quality control. AG Millworks believes in product quality versus product quantity, which is why each door system is handcrafted, custom made, and hung and swung in the factory guarantee a perfect fit and finish. Unlike big corporations, AG Millworkshas the ability and understanding to provide a luxurious door system to complete your home design goals. Doors are fully customizable and are made to meet your specific needs and your specific vision. No door project is too big or too small, AG Millworks builds it all!


Small businesses are known to provide outstanding customer service. Big businesses now have automated messages that guide you through their listings and generalize your questions and concerns, but small businesses continue to provide a personalized experience with a real person on the other end of the line. AG Millworks has a team of helpful, knowledgeable patio door experts who can guide you through the confusing world of folding, sliding, and French swing door systems and connect you to a Certified AG Millworks Dealer near you.


At the end of the day, AG Millworks isn’t run by boards, stockholders or algorithms—it’s run by real people, and that truly makes all the difference. So check out more of your local businesses, attend and promote their sales and events, and choose them over the big corporations like Amazon.

Thursday, August 15 2019

Sometimes life can become busy and overwhelming, so carving out time to do nothing is important for your physical and emotional wellbeing. If you’re looking for a good excuse to slow down and destress, this is it: August 15th is National Relaxation Day. This holiday encourages people nationwide to focus on taking care of themselves and taking a moment to relax and unwind. Many people have a hard time relaxing when they have an endless to-do list, but here are eight ways you can take a moment for yourself and unwind from your crazy schedule.

1 | Unplug Yourself

Put away your phone, laptop, and iPad, and unplug from technology. No checking emails, scrolling on social media, or completing work assignments. Clear your mind of work and be present in the moment. Taking a break from technology is rejuvenating and will hopefully encourage you to regularly unplug.

2 | Enjoy the Outdoors

Connecting with nature and being outdoors is good for your soul. Open your folding patio doors and relax outside in the sunshine with a good book. Fresh air and Vitamin D will help you relax and unwind from the day-to-day stressors.

3 | Meditate/Yoga

Spend some time doing basic stretching, yoga, and meditation. Focus on your breathing, taking long, deep breaths that will clear your mind and relax your body.

4 | Take a Nap

Sometimes your body just needs to slow down and rest. Take a short nap during the day to recoup and recharge.

5 | Go for a Walk

Go for a walk around the neighborhood, in the park, or at the beach. Exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress and relax.

6 | Lay Outside and Swim

Lay out by the pool or head to the beach and enjoy the feeling of sun on your skin, remaining present in the moment. Go for a swim and float in the water, letting it wash away your stress and worries.

7 | Have a Spa Day

Head to the spa and indulge in your favorite treatments. Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage and facial and enjoy this alone time.

8 | Cook a Nice Meal

Cook yourself a fresh, healthy meal at home and nurture your body with delicious food. Taking the time to slow down and cook a nice meal for yourself is worth it.

This day is about giving yourself a break and treating your mind and body right. You may not be able to drop everything you’re doing to go to the spa on a Thursday, but you should make your relaxation a priority and plan some time this weekend to take it slow. As life gets busy and overwhelming, having an indoor-outdoor space in your home is important for your well-being. Click here to learn more about the benefits of creating open spaces with large glass patio doors.

Tuesday, August 13 2019

If you’re building a new home in Los Angeles, or remodeling an existing one, and you are considering using a folding door system to create wide open spaces, it is important to find the best product available to meet your project needs. Bi-fold patio doors are an investment with a healthy price tag, and not all are equal, so researching online, comparing products, and shopping around is smart. If you’re looking for the highest-quality product with excellent customer support during and after the order process, AG Millworks is the best option.

With numerous folding door manufacturers to consider like AG Millworks, NanaWall, La Cantina, Marvin, and many others, navigating the patio door space and finding the best product can be daunting and time consuming. To make this discovery process easier for you, below are six reasons AG Millworks Bi-Fold Door Systems are superior to any other folding door on the market, and why builders and contractors in the Los Angeles area prefer AG Millworks products.

We Make Your Contractor's Life Easier with Pre-Built Frames and Jobsite Delivery Options

As experienced carpenters in the millwork business for 33 years, we understand the need contractors have for quality products with easy installation. On a jobsite, time is money, which is why AG Millworks delivers door frames completely built-up, saving your contractor or builder time during the installation process. Your optional retractable accordion screen is factory installed into the jamb, saving your contractor even more time during installation! Pre-built frames and factory installed screens allow your installer to skip steps in the installation process, which means your beautiful bi-fold doors will be installed and hung faster and easier than any other brand. We will even deliver your doors directly to the jobsite, eliminating the need for extra handling.

We Provide Fast Lead Times so Your Project Remains on Schedule

AG Millworks has industry-leading production times, so your folding door system will be delivered on time, ensuring your project stays on-time. AG Millworks can fulfill your last-minute door needs.

We Specialize in Bi-Fold Door Systems

At AG Millworks, we specialize in large folding door systems, and through endless research and innovation, have designed a superior product. Don’t let your contractor make the mistake of taking the easy way out and bundling your doors with your window replacement package from Marvin or Milgard—though these are noteworthy window makers, our folding door designs are superior to those offered by production window manufacturers.

We Build High-Quality, Customizable Folding Doors

All AG Millworks Bi-Fold Door Systems are handcrafted in Ventura, California and are fully customizable. We build your accordion door to the exact dimensions you require, with no upcharge for odd or large sizes. Everything is customizable from the clad color, wood species, painted or stained interior, and hardware—all doors are made to your unique specifications.

We are Reachable by Phone or Email for All Your Bi-Fold Door Questions

We value our customers and strive to provide outstanding service and support, which is why when you call us directly, you will reach our friendly and knowledgeable team members without enduring the hassle of automated messaging or call centers. Our team is available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm at 805.644.4495 or to answer your folding door questions and direct you to a certified AG Millworks dealer. Call or email us now to tell us about your project and talk to a folding door expert.

We Hang Every Door in the Factory to Ensure a Perfect Product Every Time

Before your folding door leaves our factory, it is fully built-up, and all door panels are hung and swung to ensure there are no surprises during install. When your doors are delivered, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any mistakes that could delay your project.

To learn more about the unique design and benefits of AG Millworks door systems, visit the AG Millworks Advantage on our website.

Tuesday, August 06 2019

August has arrived, which means there’s only a few more weeks left of summer vacation before a new school year begins. Getting yourself and the kids back into a schooltime routine takes time, which is why the beginning of August is the perfect time to ease back into your regular schedule. Below are a few ways you can help make this an easy and smooth transition for you and your family.

Get Back on a Normal Sleep Schedule

Now is the time to get back into a regular sleeping schedule to make the early weekday mornings a little easier to handle. Set a bedtime for the kids and try to have everyone up and awake at a decent hour—no more long movie nights or sleeping in until late morning. The first few days will be a little difficult, but soon everyone will be adjusted to the schedule. Doing fun activities like hiking, biking, or swimming will tire the kids out and help them crash at an early hour and make the early bedtime less of a struggle.

Beat the Crowds at Back to School Shopping

Don’t wait until the last minute to go school supply shopping. The crowds will be large, and the shelves will be bare. The best time to hit Target for all the essentials is in the morning on a weekday—there will be less people and you can beat the afternoon shoppers. Make a list before you go so you can check things off your list and get in and out in record timing.

Donate Old Clothes

To make room for new back to school clothing, clean out closets and drawers and donate any old items that no longer fit. Kids grow fast and stuff that may have fit them a few months ago might be too small or short now (or maybe now your kids think their once-favorite unicorn shirt is too childish for their fifth-grade self).

Plan Your Weeknight Dinners

To fully prepare for the school year ahead, you can start planning weeknight dinners a few weeks in advance. Having a dinner schedule will allow you to get everything you need in one trip to the grocery store and prevent you from last-minute, quick dinner options that might not be as healthy as a homecooked meal. Sometimes thinking of meals and recipes is hard, but meal planning and recipe app, Yummly, will help you find tasty recipes, schedule meals on your calendar, choose how many servings you need, add ingredients to your shopping list (which is organized by grocery aisle), and provides all nutrition facts for each meal!

Create an Activity Calendar

A great way to keep weekly activities organized and keep up with soccer practice, dance class, or dentist appointments is by creating an activity calendar/chart. The calendar will provide a perfect view of the activities or appointments in the current month and will act as a reminder for the whole family. It’s also a great tool for the kids to reference when they have questions about baseball games or birthday parties, and it will teach them about organization and planning. You can use an oversized desk calendar for this purpose and hang it in the mudroom for all to see.

Refresh the Homework Nook

Organize the desk or homework nook and recycle old papers and supplies. Prepare the space with fresh supplies and add new motivational artwork that will help your little learners to power through their nightly homework routine. 

Spend Extra Time Outside While There's Still Time

Be sure to continue to spend time outdoors enjoying the warm weather while it lasts. Open your large folding door system and have playtime in the backyard, swim in the pool, and serve dinner on the patio. When school begins, you can set your kids up outside to do their homework and have their scheduled reading time. The fresh air will help them focus and allow them to spend a little time outdoors since they’ve been cooped up inside at school all day.

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